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Severe vaginal infection.

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Severe vaginal infection.
  • I have a 5 year old female english mastiff .She is unspayed (dont yell).She has never been bred .I at one time intended to show and breed her as her father who was a champion ,(oops im bragging ,)That history aside,she has developed an infection that causes her to effuse pus from her vagina .(The amount is substantial when it is running and it is thick,Slightly yellowed to dark yellow with a greenish hue at times .)I am almost certain it is uncomfortable for her but when she is feeling extra special it seems to stimulate that area and she does her chair humping .(our poor pillows :0).we have been giving her 2000 mgs of cephelexin  a day (two 500s twice ) but it is doing little if any good .I have never in all my life seen anything like this outside of an army training film .The vet is going the safe route i know in giving this barrage of antibiotics and hoping it works ,Rather than jumping in and cutting her open right away(i would prb rather take the pills versus the knife myself.) ,It is likely (due to breed specifics)that the anesthesia will kill her .He gave her the blood test that produces a graph showing white blood count and numerous other stuff ,twice .the first showed a slightly elevated wbc,while the second a week and 14000 mgs of ceph later showed  wbc that was absolutely normal .He said looking at the graph alone she is in perfect health .Spaying has been on my mind for a while but she is getting old ,and i am not sure that thats the source of the infection anyway .I dont know exactly what i am asking here ,but any comments and suggestions are welcome ...Thank you .This situation is around three weeks old now .
  • There are SO many combinations of anesthesia and sedatives now, I'm astounded if one combo can't be used safely -- and five is NOT old, even for a giant breed but it will be if you don't spay her. 
    This is all way way TOO close to pyometra, and I would think a vaginal infection could become pyometra.  There are really specific drugs for that and cephalexyn just isn't that strong a drug. 
    I'm astounded if the vet is simply not stepping up treatment on this.  In honesty, I'd suggest a second opinon before it's too late.  This whole thing just doesn't sound right -- particularly the reluctance to find a good anesthesia combo. 
  • Callie has given you sound advice. I would seek a second opinion, get rid of the infection, then spay to prevent further problems. Good luck!
  • The Cephelexin will do nothing except keep it at bay at best. If you are attempting to treat this girl with the hopes of still showing her you need to get her on Baytril right away. Did your vet do an ultrasound to see if this infection is in the horns of the uterus? Is your girl drinking an unusual amount of water and peeing more then normal? Is she still eating normal?
    This is not something that should be held off, with todays extended knowledge spaying would be the way to go if you are not intending to show. It is the healthiest choice for your girl.
  • Hi BigDog!  I think you've gotten some great advice already. 

    But, I just wanted to add that Willow was spayed late in life between the ages of 2-5.  She is also a breed that can react poorly to anesthesia.  I was very nervous also but if you can discuss this with your vet I'm sure they are aware of what combination and levels of anesthesia to use so your dog will be safe.  I would think especially since the preliminary blood work is good that would be an added plus.

    I know I was very nervous about her having surgery because of the anesthesia risk but it was worth it.  She did need a little more pain meds than most dogs do because it was a little more extensive because of her age, but she did fine, recovered in the same amount of time most dogs, just a few days. 

    Good luck! [:)]
  • The first trip we made to the vet ,The situation seemed dire indeed .I refrain from using too many adjectives because [:'(]of the nature of the problem and it is somewhat repulsive .Repulsive aside she had a heavy effusion and it was a dark color ,Its not constant but comes and goes.She seemed sick ,I know my animal pretty well but  i am ashamed to say that she has to be in a fair amount of discomfort before i can perceive it ,she seems to hide her ailments .She leads a Very sedintary life .Sleeping being what she does most .On our second trip ,she was a very happy dog ,lively ,nearly getting a guy outside ,very happy .And the effusion was completely nonexistent for the entire trip,She was there for around four hours .I myself thought problem solved ,but that very night it came back .She eats fine ,she pees ,she drinks water ,She plays .she has gotten smart aboult my hiding the antibiotics in her treats and she scared me pretty bad the other day when she refused a hot dog weinie,She was wise tho and i have taken to hiding the pills better .As i write this the situation seems better ,I have searched her bedding and the surrounding floors for the (skidmarks)and cannot find anything notable so perhaps this thing has been turned aside ,I almost feel like i have painted my vet in a bad light ,And to be sure its not the most advanced vets office in existence ,He has no ultrasound, but if i had to post a complaint it would be that his office is absolutely packed from door open to close ,and the people there are fiercely loyal to him ,I am also .But ,..,sometimes that trust goes only so far .He is human also .But  weve lost animals at other vets offices that shouldnt have been lost ,(A Siamese cat with a ruptured bladder comes to mind )And there are offices that i simply will not visit because they have turned animals away that were sick ,(strays )And i know that goes back to the spay thing . We are very proud of our lil hometown vet here even if i do wonder if he is right at times .My main problem with this whole thing is that we dont  have a definite diagnosis .Therefore i dont have any preventative actions to take to keep it from recurring if it is cured even .I have been suspicious of the pad i make her wear when she is in heat ,perhaps it was the root of this infection . I am to take all of your advice however and were gonna get her spayed as time and finance and health permit .I want to thank you all for reading my post and taking the time to reply .On a lighter note i will tell you a weee bit more aboult my girl ,She loves stuffed animals .Apparently she doesnt like them to look at her though,And thus she will carefully remove their eyes.(By the way she will trim her own toenails..And does a very nice job )And so i have a room full of little stuffed bears ,frogs,winnie the poos and tiggers too ,(The thrift store sells them very cheap so we get three or four for her when were by there .)And the one single common thing aboult all these stuffed toys is that where thier little black eyes used to be there are now white holes.I noticed my neighbor get uneasy when he asked what happened to all their eyes ,and i realised that coming into it with no knowledge of the situation .Its creepy .My lord i have run on ,... If your still with me Thank you for the time and suggestions ,I intend to get her spayed asap and if this thing isnt gone before the antibiotics are i am to get a second opinion even though i feel like i will be blaspheming to do it .
  • Having looked up pyometra i believe that this is exactly that ,It is a case of open pyometra.Whereas the pus drains from the uterus instead of building up .Believe i will take her for a walk and see how she does .Thank you Callie
  • Running ,jumping ,chasing the ball .She boxes up(My own term for her alert stance) nicely with her tail curled slightly over her back .All would seem well.I am still uneasy having read the seriousness of her possible ailments but i at least feel more secure now than when i posted my first message the forums here .I now can talk intelligently with my vet and can ask questions relevant to this situation .I am learning a lot from perusing past posts ,I have put canned pumpkin on the shopping list .Imagine  the anal glands on a 200 lb dog .oh nevermind dont do that .thanks again .
  • BigDog--I'd take her for the second opinion ASAP.  I don't know much about this but it sounds serious and could potentially become life threatening if it gets too bad.
    She sounds like such a cutie, post some pictures!
  • PLEASE!!!! Today is friday and Pio is a life threatening issue. Contact your vet and see if they will start you on the Baytril. I just finished treating one of my girls on a series of Baytril and she cleared up within 3 weeks.Because I knew what it was as soon as it started. Depending on how long this has been going on you might see a different result.
    Previously we had a girl we almost lost because of Pio who is now spayed and living the good life although she never finished her championship or was ever bred she is the apple of my daughters eye $3,000 later of emergency treatment because of being mis-diagnosed the first vet visit
  • Please heed these warnings. You have been given good advice.
  • My heart about stopped when you said two things -- that the dog sleeps a LOT and that the dog is suspicious and hiding to avoid meds.
    Pyometra has very few external clues -- but one is that the dog simply has no energy -- and it comes on so gradually that it is nearly imnpossible to 'see' coming.
    However, they are in a LOT of pain and even the least stoic will hide it.  But they will actually go to the point of trying to avoid people and avoid you 'seeing' it. 
    In the future -- do yourself a BIG favor.  Don't "hide" medicine.  Trust me -- their noses are SO beyond ours that 'hiding' is purely a human thing.  They KNOW it's in there.  To them the smell is so obvious that it would be like you trying to 'hide' having cooked liver in the last 10 minutes. 
    Instead ... train the dog that this is medicine and it is to HELP you.  Show them the pill and show them what you're putting it in.  In fact, you can teach them (and this is NOT hard) the difference between swallow and don't chew, OR something that is a "chew all good" (like a homeopathic needs to BE chewed because it absorbs in the mouth).
    Honestly, if you approach it like the alpha you are, and make it matter of fact, the dog can learn to take medicine easily and respect the fact that you are being honest.  When we try to 'hide' things we're only lying to our best friend and THEY know anyway .... I always think it diminishes the bond.  They know, and we walk away thinking we 'fooled' them.  Not how I want to relate to my best friend -- humand OR dog.
    Beyond hot dogs:  Try these:
    1.  braunschweiger -- works GREAT - it's a bit slippery and easy to mush a pill into it -- smells great and they tend to love it.
    2.  butter -- plain old REAL butter.  It's an animal fat and well digested by them.  Real 'slidey' -- if you hold the pill in a lump of butter way above the nose they will take it and it's down the hatch before you know it.
    3.  ricotta cheese -- again -- animal fat but good for them and usually well tolerated. 
    But I always warn my dogs if something is truly bitter "Don't chew this -- it's nasty -- just swallow!" and when I give it I close the lower jaw and hold the head up so they tend to just swallow.
    Truly works.  I'm not crazy I promise.
  • If Callie is crazy, so am I.  Recently one of our dogs needed to be on antibiotics for an abcessed tooth.  I did what I've always done.  I got out a slice of cheese and gave him a little bit.  Then I showed him the pill and let him watch while I wrapped it up in more cheese and said, ok, this is the medicine that's gonna make that nasty infection in your mouth get better.  Dr. Pam said that you NEED to take this medicine and as soon as you do, you can have more cheese.  The couple times the little stinker spit it out, I again told him, DR PAM said you need it. And gave it again.  Works like a charm.  I've heard that chicken hearts have a cool little pill holding pocket too.
  • You might have your vet show you how to give a reluctant dog a pill.  It is the only method I ever use and I have never had it fail.
  • Big Dog; Welcome to idog. I read this thread several days ago but didn't post as I know nothing about this condition. How is your big girl doing?