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My dog's feces have blood..

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My dog's feces have blood..
  • Hi.. everyone.. Im have a question to ask.. Today i found that my dog's feces have blood and its feces is some kind of like diarrhea form.. Can anyone tell me izzit serious or what has causes it??
  •   Welcome to the forum; [sm=welcome2.gif] Blood in the stool can be serious and there are many causes of blood in feces such as Giardia, Coccidiosis, or something your dog ate that caused an intestinal perforation, like a bone or something sharp. You need to have your dog looked at by a vet, and if you can, bring along a stool sample. When Jessie had a bout of  diarrhea last fall, I scraped some of it into one of the doggie pick up bags I have with a stick [:'(]; if you don't have any pick up bags you could scrape it into a baggie. She didn't have any blood in her stool but she was diagnosed with Gaiardia and was treated for it. Good luck and I hope it's nothing serious.
  • It often comes from ulceration and inflammation in the GI tract. This can arise from various things;  food allergy, parasites, bacterial overgrowth, viral illness, stress. All types of things.
    Many times it is not serious but it can be. I would suggest you call your vet. He or she may suggest you withhold food for a while to allow the GI tract to heal. Then put your dog on a bland home cooked diet for a few days.
    If that doesn't work or if your dog has some type of pre-existing condition, your vet may want to do a fecal or see the dog to examine.

     You may also want to look back and see if your dog ate anything new (treats, rawhide, new snack or foods, etc) also anything else that may have been different (trip to dog park, playdate, vets visit, house guests) etc.
  • Has your dog had any major life changes lately? (Stress)

    Have you changed your dog's food recently? (tummy upset)

    Has your dog eaten anything weird lately? (tummy upset)

    Other than the poops, is your dog acting normally?

    If your dog is acting at all strangely and there's not apparent reason for the bloody poops, I'd get him into the vet ASAP. If not, you're probably okay waiting a couple of days (make sure he's only getting food that'd be easy on his tummy, like what he normally eats) to see if it improves. But if you're at all worried and can afford it, it wouldn't hurt to take him to the vet just to rule out anything serious.

    I'd recommend calling your vet's office and talking to them. They'll probably ask you to bring him in, but they can help give you a better idea what to look for as far as symptoms.
  • I agree that you should take your dog to the vet. If they can't get you in right away and the dog isn't acting strangely, you can probably take a stool sample to be analyzed which will help.
    There can be many reasons.
    This happened to one of my dogs last year. By taking in the stool sample, they determined that yes, they did need to see him that day. It turned out that he'd eaten a couple of rocks that passed but left the GI inflamed, and he'd eaten some grasses with pollen that gave him gas and worsened the problem. With a bit of medication, he was soon just fine, but these things often don't resolve on their own, and you don't want him to feel lousy.
    Let us know how it goes.
  • This morning i think he had gave out lot of feces whom my mum say.. but there is still blood.. think realli gonna take him to the vet.. But he is acting normal after his dinner last night and in the middle of the night he gave out feces with blood and then he ate some of the grass from my garden.. dun realli know wat is happening.. but this morning he is acting normal jux that you can see he is weak.. >..<
  • I'd make an appointment for today if you can at all. Having traces of blood once or even twice in a day might be attributable to stress, but more than that and you might be tempting fate.

    I hope this is just a big scare and your pup ends up okay!
  • when i first got my puppy, she started getting a muddy butt with a little blood in it, and then was vomitting every now and then.  Everything else about her "seemed normal."  I used a baggie to take a stool sample for the vet, and it came back positive for coccidia.  She was treated for it...and another test result came back negative for parasite....but after a bit, she was still having really soft stool.
    Another fecal and it was negative for coccidia but positive for giardia.
    Sometimes these things can be very difficult to detect.
  • but this morning he is acting normal jux that you can see he is weak..

    Weakness can mean dehydration and that can lead to serious complications.
  • hi guys... my brother had brought my dog to the vet this afternoon.. He also took its feces to the vet and i think the vet did not say anything serious abt it.. Not realli sure what the vet had told him..
    But now he is back to normal.. =) Thanks for all the care and advise you all had given me.. [:)]