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My dog is eating her hair off

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My dog is eating her hair off
  • I have a female pit bull, we got just got her recently. She came from a flea free home, and we have fleas, she is always biting her but and this morning it was bleeding. The pet store sold us some kind of shampoo with oatmeal, so i've been using this, but i dont hink its been long enough to show an effect. It always itches, so my mom put some anti-itch cream on it  and it cleared up for a while and now she is back at it. Any ideas?
    I want to  help her.
    I just bathed her again to clean it up with the oatmeal shampoo. ( she was outside wallering in the dirt)

  • I would defiinitely get her to the vet for an exam. I don't know much about Sarcoptic Mange, but I'd want to rule that out.  If you have fleas, you need to get her on some flea treatment ASAP.  The vet can give you that as well.  In the meantime, you might give her some Benadryl (1 to 2 mg per lb).  That will keep her more comfortable until you can get her seen at the vet.
  • Kayla was allergic to fleas and one bite would set her off with a staff infection, where she would get scratchy and red.  I would go to the vet.
  • I'll try to get her to a vet, but i know it is not mange.
  • How do you know it's not mange? Have you done a skin scraping?

    It's likely a flea allergy. The best solution for fleas is to get a spot on flea treatment from the vet for every animal in your house, then put a flea collar in your vaccuum bag and vaccuum everything.
  • My pug just had an allergic reaction to fleas a few weeks ago.  It was mostly on his face but it did loose hair and was red.  Thats more than likely what this is, but either way you need to get to the vet to start treatment.
    Edited to say that until you can get her to the vet use the Benadryl.  My pugs was so bad that the vet put him on some meds and it has completely gone away.
  • I had a bassett hound that looked like that times 10 it was a food and flea allergy, dont know what your feeding but you might want to try something else. Mine was allergic to corn. On top of that, you maybe bathing too much and flushing all of the oils out of the skin.
    I think dogs can take benedryl and that helps with the itching.
    Time for some frontline plus and get that baby to stop being bit.
  • What's the best treatment for flea allergies?

    Thank you
  • The best way is to eliminate the fleas.  completely and totally.  On her and in the house and yard.
    You can use ANY shampoo and I will NOT use a flea product.  Just let the lather sit on the dog for at least FIVE minutes.  Then, as you rinse, you'll have to smush the stunned fleas with a thumbnail...and you MUST hear them pop or the little buggers aren't dead.  Once the fleas are gone from EVERYWHERE, there shouldn't be any further problems, BUT, I'd still have her vet checked since flea allergies can lead to OTHER problems that need medical attention.