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My Dog has nasal congestion??

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My Dog has nasal congestion??
  • So my 8 month old shih-peke has been, well, snorting (?).

    I think that she just has some phlegm in her throat, but I'm not a doctor so obviously I don't know for sure. It started as a once every 3 or 4 days thing, but over the past few days shes been doing it more consistently.

    I'm a first time dog owner (and so glad that I found this site!), and I've made the mistake a few times of going to the vet thinking she was dying, and it turned out to be something minor. So instead of jumping up to drop $50 on a vet visit, I wanted to see if anyone else has had experience with this. And if so, what did you do? I'd appreciate any advice.

  • No sure if you are describing a reverse sneeze where the dogs seems to have difficulty breathing and is gasping for breath.  It is continuous snorting that eventually works itself out.  I had an English Bulldog that did this all the time.  I was adviced to pinch the nose and it will stop, but I never did it. 

    If ever I have a health concern for one of my dogs, I GOOGLE the symtoms.  For example on the search line I put "My dog is snorting" and do some reading.  Or, I also call my vet and ask to talk to the vet directly.  One last resort is to call the Emergency Vet during the off hours when normal vet clinics are closed.  I have found them to be very helpful and they do advise whether it is a true emergency, or you should make appointment with your vet, or tell you how to handle the issue yourself.  In the past the Emergency Vet have calmed my nerves many of times.

    Your title says nasal congestion.  Any fluid discharge like a runny nose is a serious matter and your vet should be consulted immediately.   You do not want a respiratory problem to turn into pneumonia.
  • Oh Dear, my new 80lb Doberman/Lab puppy does have TONS of snotties running out of her nose. Got her from SPCA and they said she had Kennel Cough..They gave me some Amoxil.  No coughing, just a very runny nose for over a week now, and episodes of those "inverted" sneezes, none, one or 2 times a day.

    The vet changed her antibiotic to Apo Sulfatrim, which seemed to do nothing. The third day i had her her nose seemed to be clearing, and i am wondering if this is due to the first antibiotic. I have been giving her yogourt and Missing Link health supplement, flax oil,  and Vitamin C.

     Now 10 days later, she still has a very runny nose, a little less perhaps, but a pale green colour (it used to be a dark yelow. Perhaps the Amoxil, would have been the better bet.. Have some left sould i start her back on them right away?

    I'm not ure this is Kennel Cough, as she does not cough, she sneezes very rarely, she just has 2 thick snottie streamers coming from her nose most of the time. She is very tired, and i think she has a headache, and her eyes are shinny, and red rimmed.

    Please any help would be appreciated!
  • I can only tell you my experience.  I had a Great Dane who was diagnosed with megaesophagus (the esophagus dies and stops functioning so the dog can not swallow).  When the dog would eat food, particles would find their way to the lungs causing respiratory problems.  I was always dealing with a dog with pneumonia every other month.  The treatment you are giving your dog sounds exactly how I treated mine under a vet's supervision.
    Now most recently within the last 2 months I brought home a new foster who has just gotten his vaccination.  By the middle of the week the dog had kennel cough.  By the end of the week he had developed pneumonia.  The constant yellow mucuous coming from the nose was a dead give away.  Off with this dog to Emergency Vet.  They kept the dog hospitalized for a week and treated him with Amoxin, Doxicyclire, Batril, and clavmox.  They kept him hospitlized to keep him on a nebulizer.  After a week he came home and I continued the antibiotics for another week. 
    Take the dog to the vet.