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dog has soft stool with mucus *update*

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dog has soft stool with mucus *update*
  • i have a year old mixed breed maltese and lately his stool has been soft and close to being liquid. just a few minutes ago he went and only had droppings that were yellow and mucus-y. earlier this morning he had gone and his stool was soft, but it was like very thick liquid. the other day i noticed he was scooting/dragging his behind after he pooped a white mucus-like dropping. he's been eating a mixture of soft and dry food. cesar for soft and beneful for dry.

    yesterday he vomitted the the food he just ate (cesar) so that night i gave him boiled chicken and rice, which he was able to keep down. also, he's been vomitting a lot lately. though, not everyday, he'd vomit yellow bile which i noticed occurred after his shot were updated. i don't know if that's the cause or just a coincidence.

    right now i can hear his stomach growling but now like hungry growl, more like the sound of stomach acid.

    what could the possible causes be? i know he licks his paws a lot and loves to go on grass.

    should i continue giving him the food he usually eats, or just continue with the rice and chicken? any food recommendations? thanks in advance!
  • I would take a stool sample and drop it off at the vets and get it tested.  I would also call the vet and explain what has been going on with your dog and see if you need to be seen.
    Have you been feeding your dog what he normally eats prior to him getting sick?  Any changes in your house?  I believe it is recommended to feed him rice and meat until stools are normal then go back gradually back to your normal food.
  • i brought in a stool sample last week and the vet didn't find anything. he's got a vet appointment on friday but until then i will have to feed him chicken and rice. there hasn't been any changes in our house, i did, however bring him to day care at petsmart this past saturday. it was his first time there and his first time away from us. he was there for a few hours and unfortunately his first visit wasn't successful. he never got used to the place; perhaps brought on stress for him and maybe it's affected his body?
  • It could be stress.  It could be some kind of doggie virus.  It could be from his shots.  Is so hard to say.  I would keep him on the chicken & rice and see what the vet says.
  • update:

    i took him to the vet this past wed. she concluded that he had a minor anal sac problem and was able to help him out. this past weekend a friend took care of him while i was gone. they had gone to the dog park several times and i picked him up sunday morning. when we got home he felt fine and i fed him the cesar brand for lunch and dinner.

    on this first bathroom trip his stool was soft and dark. his second one wasn't as much as the first and looked almost normal. his third was back to soft and was plenty. after the third, he has since gone to the bathroom four more times, which is about every 2 hours. (one at 10:30 pm, then 12-ish, 2 and the last at 4 a.m.) so far it's all soft and the last included what looked like water droppings along with his stool. he also scoots on the carpet after going, which he started again just now.

    it's only 4:40 a.m. here and he's kept me up all night worrying, with the vet still closed i really don't know what to do but try to give him some water. i've been monitoring him and he hasn't had water since it started, i've tried to offer him some and he only took a little.

    i read that pepto bismol is alright to give to dogs. what would the recommended dosage be? any advice would be of great help. thanks!
  • Has your dog always eaten the Cesar?  Did you take  a stool sample to the vet last time?  Have yout tried giving yogurt?
  • yes he eats cesar almost daily. sometimes i give him chicken and rice and he's also got beneful, but today he ate cesar. they did take a stool smaple and it came back negative. i haven't tried giving him yogurt yet. what type of yogurt should i get and how much should i give him? he's a maltese and about 15 pounds.

    he just went to the bathroom for the eighth time and it does seem to be every two hours. at his rate i'm expecting him to go again at around 7:30 to 8. poor thing, i've been offering him water and he just refuses. at this point i'm just waiting til the vet opens and ask if they can fit me in their schedule. he's had diarrhea before where his stool was all liquid and with blood. he was able to recover from that, but now this is the first time i've seen him defecate so many times within a few hours.

    thanks for your reply.
  • Try plain yogurt and even better if you can get organic.
  • This dog isn't getting the benefit out of his food -- has the vet done blood tests?  That would be the place to start.  Dogs can have colitis, but this dog is throwing up and that makes me think liver or kidney.  Blood tests should have been about the first order of business.  They can tell you so much that otherwise will just be guessed at.
    A pup of this age shouldn't be sick like this all the time.  Nor should the dog be pooping that quantity.  That's a serious intestinal problem and either the dog's food isn't being properly digested or something serious is going on. 
    I'm obivously not there but it doesn't sound like this vet is being very responsive -- A dog with diarreha like this shouldn't be going an additional week without some tests.  They should have been able to come out in 10 minutes after the result of a fecal float and said "hmm, it's not parasite -- we'd better do blood tests" rather than sending you home and back next week for more ... what??
    Like I said I'm not there, but it wouldn't be what I'd expect from MY vet.
  • no his vet hasn't done nor has she suggested any blood test but i will inquire about it tomorrow. he's got an appointment for a second bordatella vaccination and hopefully the vet will give me some insighful information this time. you're right though, the vet should take more steps trying to figure out what's wrong. last we saw her she did an anal sac test, where she pretty much inserted her finger to clear it up and make it easier for his feces to come out. i thought that would resolve his scooting problem but he still does it. right now i'm still worried because he's gone to the bathroom three times in less than two hours (about every 30 minutes) and it's all liquid with the last one being very light in color like mustard color. on monday afternoon through tuesday evening his stool seemed like it was back to normal. although it was still on the soft side but better than before.  i know it's normal for dogs to throw up because of whatever they put in their mouth, and thankfully my dog hasn't thrown up while having diarrhea.

    and he seems alright physically; he's still a big ball of energy.

    just a question though, everytime we go see the vet for any tests (with the exception of receiving his vaccines) the vet asks that he'd be given half a sedative and sometimes they'd put a muzzle on him. my dog isn't exactly friendly at first, he just loathes it when people approach him so he's always on the defensive because they don't allow him to do the approaching first and to him those people are strangers and are doing things to him that he thinks are bad (ex: getting vaccinated). but is it appropriate for the vet to always require my dog to be sedated before she sees him, because she won't if he's not. shouldn't a muzzle be enough? when he got neutered just last month i had to give him half a tablet of sedative and the vet still gave him tranquilizer before the operation.

    thanks for your reply and i am definitely considering finding another vet if tomorrow doesn't work out. the only thing that's keeping from going to another vet is my dog's attitude. like i said he's not friendly to strangers at first. i don't know if there's any other vet that'll accept him or be comfortable working with him. i've never liked the sedative idea but it seems like she's the only one who can work with him.
  • I have taken Harley to the vets twice since I got him in January.  the vet has never had him sedated but he is friendly but shy.I I personally don't think an animal should be sedated unless absolutely necessary.  I don't know why a muzzle wouldn't be enough.
  • seems from what the symtoms are and all the info I have read in the last few days trying to figure out what is wrong with Lex, and what the vet said, he is having a reaction to the fat in his diet when you feed him the Ceasars. My vet said that brand name when he was telling me what kinds had the highest fat content. I was giving Lex 2 cans of alpo a day and leaving out his kibble for other times he may be hungry. The vet told me to take away the alpo because it along with several others he named were high in fat and in some dogs it could even cause pancreatis. If when you give chicken and rice and his stools improve then that would seem to be the problem.