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Blood clot in dog's urine - what is this???

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Blood clot in dog's urine - what is this???
  • Please help!  My husband & I were about to go to bed when we noticed that Lola had piddled on the carpet.  She has not done had one single accident since she had her UTI about a month & a half ago - cleared up w/medication.  She has been so great at only going potty outside and she always tells us if she needs to go out.  Anyhow, tonight when I bent down to clean it up I noticed a small blood clot about the size of a dime, in the middle of the puddle.  About a foot away was another little drip of blood.  Her urine also had a very strong odor.  I am assuming that this may be another UTI, but am worried that it could be something worse.  She seems fine otherwise - as usual, she is constantly whining to go outside [&:]  I am going to get her to the vet tomorrow.  Until then, I am worried...
  • This may be a dumb question, but is she spayed?  You are doing the right thing by getting her to the vet tomorrow. 
  • Sounds like a UTI..Try not to worry. I hope everything goes well with your baby Keep us posted...She is a cutie
  • Yes, she is spayed  [;)]  lol!  For a moment when I first saw it, I too was thinking the same thing - "I swear I just threw down quite a bit of money to have you spayed...".  Ha ha. 
    I just got a call from the vet.  He says Lola has another UTI  [:(]  and he is putting her on stronger meds than she had last time.  He said that the blood isn't a huge concern for him because the tests just showed the UTI, but if she showed no improvement while on the meds, that he would do some other kind of test (I don't remember what it is called but he mentioned the small small chance that she may have some sort of bladder problem having to do with a tumor.  He doubted that to be the cause though because she is so young.  
    I am beating myself up because I wonder if part of the reason her UTI came back is because I just started a new job and am gone for so long during the day.  Bless her little heart for holding it for so long and not wanting to go potty in her crate/house.  She such a good little girl!!!  Anyhow, I am actively looking for other options for her during the day (ie, doggy day care, or an in-home service that will come let her out for 30 minutes in the middle of the day). 
    Does anyone have any suggestions?  I am also thinking of just gating off the kitchen and having her stay in there during the day, with some sort of pad to go potty on.  Is this a bad idea?  Would she associate that with being able to go potty in the house?
  • Hi -- I just picked this up from the title so haven't read every line here -- blood clots in the urine are typically a sign of a pretty BAD urinary tract infection.  You may want to think about having a sterile urine draw done -- rather than JUST drugs since this is a recurrence.
    Blood indicates a BAD infection and honestly, this type of thing can get VERY serious very quickly -- so DO take it far more seriously than most take a UTI.
    I found this out with Billy a few months ago - he's being treated for IMHA - an immune-related anemia that is often fatal.  He's taking so many steroids that it's making UTIs horrible to treat and one day he had blood clots in his urine and I nearly freaked majorly.  Pain?  YOU BET!!!!   
    A sterile urine draw (from either a needle inserted into the bladder OR a catheter) is what is needed for a culture.  Doing a culture and sensitivity test means they 'grow' whatever that bacteria will grow and then treat the culture with various drugs to see a) what bacteria, etc. are present, b) what drugs will kill it and c) which drugs kill it BEST. 
    I'd talk to your vet and outline a specific treatment period of however many weeks he wants the dog on this particular antibiotic and honestly, at the end of it I would spring for the culture and sensitivity test to BE SURE you've gotten it.  YOu can't always just go by the smell/color of the urine because it may have a diminished amount of bacteria but not be fully treated.
    So you go off the drug before the bacteria is gone ... THAT then makes the bacteria 'resistant' to the drug so that drug won't work any more.  You wind up with this parade of UTIs and stronger and stronger drugs without 'killing' the bacteria which just does more damage.  Make sense???
  • Lola is beautiful!  Hope she feels better soon.
  • Aw. I hope your pup gets better soon. Poor girl, I know how painful UTIs are!

    I am just curious, what are you feeding her?