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Rash On Belly

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Rash On Belly
  • Hello community I have a skin related question about my puppy that you may be able to help me with. My 5 month old basset hound puppy Sammy who we got about 2 and 1/2 weeks ago gets rashes on her lower belly where she has no hair. She had this from the first few days we got her, and I originally thought it was because she was sitting in her urination during the night in her crate (she is crate training) – but she has stopped urinating in her crate for good on to for a week and 1/2  now but the rash still comes back.
    The rash is red in color and there are small red bumps (about the size of a mosquito bight) around the belly area – about 10 or so red bumps in all. I am unsure if these red bumps are the result of the rash or the result of her inching the rash.
    My wife has taken to putting a light cot of baby powered on her belly every once in a while and it has reduced the redness of the rash tremendously but the red bumps are still present and she does iche the area still.
    Also it just may be her way, I had a cocker spaniel the constantly groomed her paws, but Sammy seems to be grooming her self a lot more now then when we first got her. I don#%92t know if this is related or not to her rash as she grooms in other areas. She has also taken to grooming me when I pet her.
  • She may have allergies--the rash on her belly seems like a reaction to something--like grass or a chemical in your house. The powder thing is a good idea, but I would use goldbond powder or something like that instead of baby powder becasue the baby powder has fragrance added to it that could irritate the rash. If it doesn't clear up soon, you may need to take her to the vet and see what they say about allergy testing.
  •  Hi; jettasmomma is right about the Gold Bond powder; it probably would do more to help the rash than baby powder. It sounds like it could be a skin infection, perhaps caused by sitting in the urine in her crate. Did you wash the parts of her that were exposed to the urine every day? Did you disinfect the crate frequently when she was wetting in it? I know she hasn't wet in her crate for several days but skin infections are stubborn and require an antibiotic to heal. I think you should take her to the vet to determine what the rash is so it can be treated properly, especially since she's had it for a few weeks.
  • Thank you,
    and yes we did clean her and her crate when she was peeing in it. But it would be hours between when she did pee and when we where home to clean it.
    I will take her to the vet as you suggested.
  •   Let us know what the vet says. While there are exceptions, dogs don't develop alllergies until after they're a year old; Jessie has many allergies and is under the care of a veterinary dermatologist. I know it takes an antibiotic to clear up skin infections because Jessie's had them. I hope your pup gets better soon.
  • The one exception to the "allergies develop later" rule (and Jessiesmom is right) are contact allergies.
    Can I ask where you are located??  ARe you in the South?  Do you by any chance have St. Augustine sod?  Do you have wandering jew ANYWHERE (inside as a house plant, or outside in one of the many varities of it)?  Night blooming jasmine?  Poison Oak? 
    That's exactly how it will start -- a rash on the belly -- Gold Bond powder will relieve it.  Also you might try aloe (harvest the goo out of the leaves and smear it on the affected skin -- usually they won't lick it off, it's pretty nasty tasting but it won't hurt them if they do).  DON'T use aloe 'lotion' -- that has perfume in it and other junk.  You want the actual goo from inside the leaves.  Email me and I can tell you how to get it out.
  • Thank you [link>http://forum.dog.com/asp/showProfile.asp?memid=2536]calliecritturs[/link]
    I live in the north east, long island new york to be exact.
    We do not have St. Augustine sod. I do not know what wandering jew or Night blooming jasmine is I will have to look into it thanks for the sugestion. There is Poison ivy on the exterior side of my back yard fences but we clear it from the interior and our yard.
    where does one get real aloe leaves if you dont mind me asking another question?
    Thank you again
  • you can buy aloe plants and grow them at home, harvest the leaves as needed.  Do you have longish grass your pup goes into? this time of year my dogs all get rashy bellies from irritation from contact with long grasses and their seeds. I don't think it is an allergy, just irritated skin.
  • Charlie's belly gets iriatated really easy, especially in the heat.  I have been putting the Gold Bond on it and it works great.  Also, patting his belly with a cool wash cloth, then putting on the powder works the best.
  • WAndering Jew is way more common than you'd think -- VERY often found as a hanging basket (I'd betcha SOMEONE at work has it sitting on their desk!!) -- smallish leaf that comes to a point it's 'varigated' (lengthwise stripes) pale greenish white and kelly green.  Grows fast -- often used all over the place up north as an indoor hanging plant.  Down South it's used outside all over the place and there are a ton of varieties of it. 
    Here are a FEW:
    Night-blooming jasmine you won't find as often up there.  Poison ivy usually is the contact allergen that bothers *humans* the most.  But since dogs spend their time on the ground nosing thru everything there are probably more dog contact allergens than human ones simply because we don't spend our days laying on our bellies in the grass!
    You can get aloe as a plant -- it's succulent (cactus type plant)  -- and the 'leaves' are thick and almost look 'inflated' -- [linkhttp://www.fotosearch.com/IMP140/aloe-plant/]http://www.fotosearch.com/IMP140/aloe-plant/[/link]
    You can get them at nurseries and often if you just call a florist they can get one for you.  Aloe is the stuff they often use on burns.
    You cut one of those 'leaves' off and lay a piece of Saran Wrap down on your table.  With a paring knife you cut off the edges just to remove the spines (prickers).  Then slice down top to bottom the flat way so you have two 'flat' pieces of gooey leaf and lay them on the Saran.
    With a table knife begin to scrape the goo away-- the entire inside of the leaf will turn to mush and scrape it away from the skin and throw the skin away.  Pick up the piece of Saran and just squeeze the whole messy gooey lot into a small jar -- apply liberaly and refrigerate leftovers.
    Incredible healing properties.  BIG inflammation reliever.
  • Well I took Sammy to the vet on Saturday and the Vet looked at the rash. She said that it  might be mites that she got from the pet shop and took a 3 skin scraping but found no mites. Truthfully I don#%92t think that#%92s what it could be, because Sammy was at the pet shop for three months before we got her and did not have the rash until we brought her home. It is either not that or Sammy is very unlucky and she got the mites the day we brought her home (which technically I guess could happen).  But any how the Vet put some mite killing stuff on her back as you would apply frontline flee formula and said that it would help it really was mites. The Vet also gave us some medicated shampoo to use when we wash her.
    My wife and I think we should change her bedding in her crate so we will be buying something new today and I spent the weekend cleaning the back yard and cutting the grass and weds (crab grass, clovers) really short. I also have a broken rub washer that I am going to try to fix and then clean the rugs incase its something there, we just moved into the house so for all we know there could be all kinds of crap of the rugs.
    Hopefully one of these things or a combination there of will help her out. I feel so bad every time she is itching her self, I have even taken to distracting her ever time she starts so she does not irritate it more.