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weird lump on my dogs penis...

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weird lump on my dogs penis...
  • It's been quite some time since I've last posted in here. My dog Teddie has been neutered for a few years now ... When I came home tonight, i bent down to scratch his belly like I usually do when I come home and he had a golf ball sized lump on his penis..toward the bottom middle of the shaft. It disappeared about a few minutes. Can anyone give me some insight as to what it was? It was so big - and went away so fast. It was there when I turned him onto his back to scratch his belly. Someone said it was the knot they get when they're mating with a female dog...can this happen even though he's fixed? I called the vet but only got the answering service. I keep checking and it hasn't come back. Any insight would be fantastic. Thanks so much!
  • Relax!  This is perfectly normal.  There may be a female in the area who is in heat or maybe he just had a dream.

    There are glands on the canine penis that swell when the male penetrates the female - and at other times as you saw.  Those glands are the reason that one should never attempt to pull apart a tied male and female.  The female can be very badly hurt if the glands have not gone down.

    Many neutered dogs still have enough testosterone that they have the desire and the ability to tie with a female in heat.  The guys are shooting blanks, but they don't know or care.  <grin>

  • oh thank goodness. I've never seen that before and immediately my mind went to terrible things like cancer and tumors lol Thank you so much. I feel so much better now. And now I can stop picking him up and looking at his junk to see if it came back! lolol
  • Of course, if the glands were to stay swollen, you would need to see a vet about a possible infection.  Otherwise, he is just being a male dog.

    Here is a vet's article that shows the location of the glands:

    The vet advises not looking for pictures on line:
    "I had trouble finding a picture of bulbourethral glands online. Sheesh...it's not safe to look for pictures like that online!"

    You can try if you want. <grin>  I looked and found a diagram (not a picture) about a quarter of the way down this page:

    If you want to see other pictures, search for "canine bulbourethral glands" under Google Images.  However, many of the pictures have nothing to do with dogs - makes me wonder how they classify pictures.

  • Yup, that's exactly where the lump was. So weird. I've had my dog for 3 years and I've NEVER seen that happen to him before. I never even thought it could happen! lol Thanks so much for your help!