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Is this a Tumor on my dogs ear? (PICTURE)

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Is this a Tumor on my dogs ear? (PICTURE)
  •  Just found this 'thing' on my dogs ear inside flap. (7month female lab). I will bring ver to the vet tomorow, in the meantime does anyone have an idea of what it can be?

    Click here to see picture: http://postimage.org/image/x4dz1be5f/


  • It might be a sebaceous adenoma, but of course that's just a guess.

     Let us know what your vet says. Tumors are really scary...

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  •  Welcome to the forum; I have no idea what the lump is, but hope it's not serious. Please let us know what your vet says.

  • That's most defnitely one of those "go to the vet ASAP" things -- Be prepared to tell the vet how fast it may be growing.  But because of the texture and coloring, I'd be at the vet ... now.

    And like the ladies said -- please let us know??

  • Get it checked ASAP.  My golden retriever had a little place on her leg that appeard to be nothing and even my vet was not concerned, but decided to remove.  When he did it was "very ugly underneath " (his words" and when the report came back, grade II mast cell tumor andhe had to remove a much larger section to make sure he got clean edges.

    On the other hand,m I hae had places check and they turned out to be nothing.  But it is better to have it checked and treated if it is cancer or other type of growth that needs some kind of treatmentment or removal.

  • I went to the vet.

    At first look she thinks it's a papilloma. We are now waiting for the labs result to know what this thing really is. Lets wait :)

  • hmm -- that really doesn't look like any papilloma I've ever seen -- but yes, glad she sent it off for testing.

     Thanks for letting us know!!

  • My fingers and Honey's paws crosssed for a good report back.