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E-coli in Urine

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E-coli in Urine
  • My female Cavalier got a report from the lab saying she has E-coli in her urine and is on a different antibiotic than the one originally given her for her UTI.  The vet said it is a hazard of being a female.  Does anyone else have an opinion as to the cause?  I'm afraid it is from drinking water out of dirty dishes in the dog park or sniffing somebody else's butt.  She has never had any raw food and recently turned her nose up at a fresh marrow bone.  Any advice is appreciated because I can't afford the expensive vet bills.

  • Stick to the prescription given and make sure she gets ALL the medicine prescribed.  They likely cultured her urine so this will help LOTS by using the proper antibiotic to treat it.  If you want you could look for a product called D-Mannose.  This will help get rid of the infection quicker by preventin the infected cells from sticking to the tract wall.

    VERY good idea to keep her from drinking from other bowls at a dog park.  Make sure she gets lots of clean fresh water to help flush the body.  You could also add milk thistle to the daily diet if you want...this will help protect the liver from damage from the antibiotics (which you wanna give with food).

    Good luck and keep us posted.

  • Because females squat, and particularly if they have longer coats that drag, that means that anything on that surface can crawl up the urethra.  If she drank from a dish she'd probably get a systemic infection or in her ears -- rather than a UTI.  e-coli is NOT uncommon as a UTI.  Thankfully your vet did a culture and sensitivity to FIND it so it could be properly treated.

    You might want to put her on something like d-mannose which helps ward off UTIs (it's similar to cranberry, altho far more effective - it's a form of glucose which causes the infection cells to bond to the glucose rather than being able to stick to the urinary tract -- it simply makes the infection cells too slippery to stick, and it's particularly effective with e-coli. 

    Now, she could have gotten the ecoli from anywhere -- the dog park or anywhere else. 

    You might try a diet that is without grain carbs -- e-coli loves to live in a grain-fed enviroment.