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"Rat tail" on Allie, questions

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"Rat tail" on Allie, questions
  • Allie has had places on her tail with no hair for years, I've heard it was due to low thyroid, well, she's been on thyroid meds for years, and it's still getting more and more bare! Can anyone tell me what else can cause this? Vet said caused by fleas, but she's always had Front line and other flea meds, and I've rarely ever seen a flea on her. She's 10.
  •  One flea can cause an allergic dog to chew off it's tail, but a bare rat tail (or tail with a few scraggly hairs) can be a symptom of adrenal issues.

  • Well, I googled adrenal/dogs, came up with Cushing's Disease, and Allie shows a LOT of the symptoms, very excessive drinking, urination, hunger, hair loss. Can anyone enlighten me further on this?
  •  Cushing's and Addison's are the two big ones. It's something you need to have your vet check for, if it's a possibility.

  • Cushings is *sometimes* but usually not idiopathic (no discernable reason) -- typically it comes after years of steroids.  It's NOT a diagnosis you want. 

    Is the skin dark or discolored or shiny?  At ALL abnormal or is there just no hair?

    However -- a lot of things can cause that -- from a liver imbalance to fungal issues. 

    Particularly if the skin is dark or shiny, try this -- get some pure tea tree oil (you can even get that at Wal-mart -- and I mean the essential oil NOT hair stuff with tea tree in it -- it's on the aisle where the herbs are -- usually a little 2 oz bottle is less than $5).

    Just once a day massage a drop of tea tree into the bare areas -- try it for a few weeks and see if it changes it. 

  • Thanks! I plan to do that, soon as we can get out of our snowy street!
  •  Yes, Cushing's is not a diganosis you want. But if you do suspect, I would have the testing done. If it is not, even better, but if it is, it is not a good idea to let it go on without treatment.