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nose sores?

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nose sores?
  • Hi,

    Rowdy is a 13 yr old shepard-chow mix. His age has been making itself known through his obvious aches & pains lately; but this is new. The soft part of his nose, at the end, is really sore and almost chapped looking. It reaches down to where his nose splits to his mouth; but mostly on the tip of his nose. Do dogs get chapped noses? Is there such a thing as a "nose rot?" 

    Any info or tips would be appreciated!

    Thank you!

  • Partly because they stick them where they oughtn't be and the older they get the less forgiving the skin becomes -- sores can develop.  My old corgi/sheltie mix used to get one EVERY year in the spring -- **something** use to be in a 'crack' at that time of year and every year Foxy would stick that little Mostlie Sheltie nose in there and scub up the tip of his nose!

    It's honestly probably just an extremely good reason to take him in for a "senior blood panel" and have the vet generally check him over -- there can be some particular diseases that will show up in sore skin in a few places and the nose is one of them.  Not "nose rot" but degenerative problems that really should have a vet look at them.

    The other thing I will say is if you have him eating out of a plastic bowl I'd change to a metal bowl or crock -- it really does hold far less bacteria.

    Good luck 


  • I hope he's feeling OK and can you please post pictures!!!

  • Thank you for the reply!

    Your explanation makes a lot of sense...he has been useing that 'ole nose to assist him in creating "caves" under the shrubs and such where he seems to enjoy laying around when he is outside. I imagine a trip to the vet is in order; he is such a grumbly old soul when he is there, though. (that chow-ness in him!) His back legs don't work to well anymore either--the vet trip is pretty traumatic for us all!

    Also, the tip regarding the bowl--interesting. Did not know that. He has a stainless bowl--& I have to admit, I can be a bit lax in scrubbing it like I should. I will rectify my own behavior!

    Thanks again.

  • willowchow

    I hope he's feeling OK and can you please post pictures!!!

    I will have to try...he is a really nice dog, I have been truly blessed to have him as a friend.

    Will attempt pictures when I get off of work!

  • One of my senior dogs got a very dry, chapped nose and it would split due to the dryness.  My Vet recommended vitamin E oil, just cut the capsule open and dab a little on the sore spot.  Assuming it's not an infection of some sort.  Vet visit would be wise and even though it's not a fun outing, the seniors really do need checking when things pop up.  Give her some ear scritches for me. :)

  • I have used Vitamin E gel caps on my dogs nose with great success.  Works wonders!  Seen a huge difference in just a couple applications.

    Johnny & Tessy