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Coughing after surgery

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Coughing after surgery
  •  I'm hoping someone will have a good answer for me to help poor Piper. She had surgery today to remove 2 lumps/masses. While she was under, I had them clean her teeth so we wouldn't have to chance anesthesia again in a few months. I'm assuming they had a tube down her throat.

    She's been dry coughing and acting like something is in her throat. I've made some chamomile tea for her and mixed some of Roo Bear's slippery elm mixture into it, but it doesn't seem to be helping.

    Can anyone give me the recipe for a good 'cough' suppressant or throat soother?



  • honey & lemon and slippery elm should help -- it's irritated because of the trach tube -- but also, it serves the purpose of not letting the lungs get congested.  Your 'first aid' was absolutely bang on right!!  The chamomile tea was perfect!

  •  Hi Callie,

    Are there certain amounts of each that you use? Either I'm not getting the ratio right, or her throat is really raw. And my first aid kit contains chamomile all because of you! :)


  • Her throat's probably raw cos she's small.  I usually start with a cup of honey and the juice of a lemon.  Then a spoonful of slippery elm with maybe 1/4 c. of boiling water stirred in and then add THAT to the honey/lemon. (or use chammomile to add to the slippery elm) -- she can pretty well have as much as she needs.

    black licorice in small amounts will also soothe the throat. 

  •  Thanks Callie! You are such a blessing!


  • I hope Piper is feeling better today!

  •  Thanks for asking Willow. Yes, she is feeling better. She's not coughing near as much, and my cough mixture seems to be doing better. I don't think I was putting enough honey in it to begin with. Thank God for this forum!

    Glad to know Willow is doing better. I've been following your thread on her, and I'm glad to know her blood counts are holding. Keeping you and yours in my prayers!