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Sudden lump on lower eyelid

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Sudden lump on lower eyelid
  • Penny, my  Gordon Setter has suddenly developed a lump on her lower eyelid. It was not there a week ago, in fact I only noticed it a day or so ago. It's about the size of a pea. I can touch it, and manipulate it with out it bothering her too much, and it is entirely under the skin.

    I know Gordon's are prone to cysts but this appeared so suddenly I wonder if that is what it is.

    She recently came off two weeks of prednisone for a very serious ear infection - both ears were really infected and nearly swollen shut. I am seeing a vet for a recheck on that the day after tomorrow but she seems fully recovered. Could the prednisone have caused the lump? I was not comfortable with using it on her in the first place but since it was such a short course and it really did help her, I felt it was worth it.

    Any thoughts on what this could be would be really appreciated. (Penny appreciates it, too).


  • I hope the vet did antibiotics for that ear infection too?? 

    Unfortunately the problem is that many times when ears are infected and have been so long term (hence the ear canals being swollen) there is often an UNDERLYING infection that is bacterial in nature and frankly if no antibiotic was given PLEASE get a vet to do a culture and sensitivity on that ear without further delay (another whole topic but I had a cocker who lost his ears to such similar treatment -- the ear canal may look better and there can STILL be underlying infection that is raging).

    The bump on the eyelid yes, can certainly be a follow-on.  Prednisone suppresses the immune system so while you are using the pred in one area to reduce inflammation (the ears) there can be a bacterial heyday in other areas of the body.

    Given that this came up SO fast I would waste no time getting to the vet a.s.a.p. and not only have the cyst on the eye investigated but also ASK (don't just refer to it -- ASK PLEASE) for a "culture and sensitivity" to be done on the ears (both of them).  That will tell you specifically not only what bacteria may be underneath (which could spread to the eye/respiratory system fast) but what antibiotics the resultant bacteria may be sensitive to and treated with so they don't waste time on a lesser antibiotic than will work.

    We battled ear infections for a long time on again and off again and I **never knew** there was such a thing as a 'difference' between a yeast ear infection and a bacterial one nor that one could piggy back on the other.

    My dog ultimately had to have both ears removed in a procedure called a bi-lateral ear ablation.  His ears swelled shut and altho we got respite for a while ultimately they shut down and we knew he was in a lot of pain.  Honestly we never knew how *much* pain he had been in long term until AFTER the surgeries were done.  Suddenly we had a "puppy" on our hands were an "old dog" had seemed to be. 

     Yes, it deafened him -- no problem for him, he learned signs and learned to lip read -- yes he did.  But I SO wish someone had gotten in MY face and said "DO THIS" -- I might have been able ot have saved Muffin's hearing. 

  • No antibiotics were given, just the prednisone, and some otomax drops for her ears.

    One line struck me particularly in your response - about having a puppy were you had previously had an old dog. Penny is a rescue, and she has always been sort of laid back and quiet. I just assumed that was the way she was. Her latest ear treatment has revealed a whole other side of her. She is silly and bouncy and far more typical of what I would expect from a five year old setter.Smile Poor little thing must have been in a lot of pain, because she is so obviously much happier now.

    Thanks for your response. I will talk to the vet about her ears as well as her eyes tomorrow.

  • Let me know how it goes!!

  • groo
    No antibiotics were given, just the prednisone, and some otomax drops for her ears.


     Just wanted to let you know Otomax has an antibiotic. Good luck; I hope the lump isn't anything serious.

  • Good news all around!

    Penny's ears are all better, in fact she is hearing (and barking at) things she never reacted to before. The doctor was able to do a thorough examination without Penny being in any pain at all. She just sat there and wagged her tail.

    Her eye has a stye on it, nothing more serious than that. We were sent home with some cream, and oral meds to clear up the infection but she should be back to her old gorgeous self in about a week.

    So relieved.


  • That's great -- thanks for the update.