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Anal Licking, please help! :(

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Anal Licking, please help! :(
  • I'm worried...

    My dog has been licking his anal area for a couple of days now. Last night it didn't look to be red, nor inflamed. Today it looks a bit red, nothing too bad...I don't know if this is caused by licking it so much?

    What could be causing him to lick his anal area so much? I'm really worried about him and don't know if I should take him right to the vet, or wait it out a bit?

    Please help, thanks in advance!

  • It may be that he needs his anal sacs expressed.  I know when my dogs need their's done, they will lick their bottoms, & drag their butts on the floor.

  • Thank you for your quick reply!

    If they don't get their glands expressed, what happens?

    How often does this need to be done? I have heard of this before, but only with female dogs, so I thought it was a female thing.

  • Sometimes they will abscess & rupture if left for too long.  There isn't really a set time line for how often it needs to be done.  I would have it done as soon as you notice him licking.

    Personally, I would take him to the vet & let them check him.  It sounds like it's just that his anal sacs are full, but the vet can check to make sure that everything looks normal.

    If you aren't squeamish, have them show you how to express them so that you can handle it from now on.  I deal with my dogs monthly.  We have "Bath, Nails, & Booty" Day! Ick!

  • Twin
    If they don't get their glands expressed, what happens?


      The sacs can get infected or rupture; http://www.marvistavet.com/html/body_anal_sacs.html

    The dog lets you know how often they need to be done by licking and scooting. It can vary a lot; Jessie needs hers done about every three months but some dogs need then done every few weeks. Male dogs as well as female dogs are effected. Dogs will also lick and chew the anal region because of allergies; Jessie used to do that before we eliminated all her food allergies.