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Black Spots on Testicles

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Black Spots on Testicles
  • I am very worried (maybe paranoid) about something I noticed while grooming my one-year-old Yorkie-Poo last night.  I was trimming the hair around his backside (poop gets stuck!) and I happened to notice that he has many tiny black dots all over his testicles.  They are separate toward the outer portion but as they get closer to the middle where the testicles join, they get very dense and dark.  Nothing seems irritated, scabby or swollen, nor does he seem bothered.  My real question is... is this just what dog testicles look like??  Could it simply be normal pigmentation?  We've had him for a year and to tell you the truth, they very well may have always been there, but I just took notice last night.  I don't make a habit of inspecting his nether-region and I've never had a dog before so I'm clueless.  I don't want to be the idiot who rushes him to the vet, just to pay $80 to be told "Ma'am, that's what dog testicles look like".  Should I be worried?  Thanks!
  • no you should not be worried. my dad's dog has the same black spots on his testicels. that's just what they look like. 
  • I don't remember what Baily's looked like...he didn't have them for very long after we brought him home...[;)]
    I would say that if they don't look irritated and he is not concerned about them...just normal pigmentation.  If you're still curious, the next regular visit to the vet...ask.
  • Marley's were just black, but it sounds like it's nothing to worry about! Welcome to the forum by the way. We would love to see pictures of your pup [;)]!
  • Don't worry.  I saw the same exact thing on my pom puppy.  They started out flesh colored, and as he got older, the black spots got bigger.  I had him nuetered and the vet didn't even mention it.
  • I have a Yorkie-poo too!  He had black spots on his testicles too, they got darker and more dense as he got older. 
  • I'm so glad I found this forum.  I also was grooming my 6 month old Silky Terrier Banditt and noticed a big black spot, it actually looks like charred skin!  I know last time I groomed him they were a pretty pink. 
    So, it is normal for these black spots to appear out of the blue? 
    Thank you for taking the time to read this and what a wonderful forum!