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Westie skin is turning black...

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Westie skin is turning black...
  • I have a male westie and is skin is turning black.  I thought it was dirt under his leg joints but I noticed it all over him.  What does this mean?  He's 6 years old.
    Spike's mommy
  • Same thing with my neighbors Westie Molly that lives across the street from me.   Its allergies,,,and yeast problems.  She keeps getting it cleared up and then takes Molly for a vaccination and it starts all over again. Now she is on special food,,,I'm not sure what it is or if its working, I'll have to ask Mollys mom next time I see her.
  • What are you feeding and what does your vet say?
    Have you seen this site?
  • [linkhttp://www.terrierclub.com/]http://www.terrierclub.com/[/link]
    Hey Spikes Mom.... visit The Terrier club... there are over 2000 members of just Westies and Cairns and they love to help.... I know you will enjoy this site