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Bumps on lip/mouth area. What are these?

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Bumps on lip/mouth area. What are these?
  • My pooch got several lumps around her mouth about two weeks ago. They felt kind of hard under her skin and were about half the size of a pea, maybe, somewhat like a cyst. This evening I noticed that the one just on the underside of her jaw seems to have burst and there is a little blood on its surface. The others also appear smaller and somewhat raw on their top surface, as if they all have just burst. Honestly, they seem very much like human acne. They certainly aren't bothering her.

    Is this anything I should be concerned about? Might it be possible abrasion from playing? Or, should I look at this in addition to some other issues that have cropped up in the past two months, which are itchy feet and an ear infection (a month ago--antibiotics cleared it up but I have to stay on top of her ears now or they begin to bother her).

    Thanks for any ideas or suggestions.
  • If that were my dog, I would be calling the vet...
  • I second the vet call. . .
  • How old is she? (thinking puppy acne) .
    It could be an allergic reaction. The mouth (anal area, ears, head and feet) are loaded with mast cells.  They react during an allergic reaction with histamine release (itchy!). A dog can get pustules around the mucous membranes from this reaction.

    Also pemphigus, an auto-immune disease, can show symptoms such as this around the mouth. Although  it's more so blisters that can burst and are ulcerated vs. pustules (pus filed bumps).

    I agree about the vet visit.
  • I would see the vet. Does he eat and drink from plastic bowls?
  • She is a year and nine months old, and no, she doesn't eat from plastic bowls.
  • Thanks, all. I am not a run-to-the-doctor (or vet) kind of person as it is, but I did bring her in because of the itching. Bumps are simple acne and the vet said not to worry unless she was getting many more or they looked inflamed/infected. The original four bumps are nearly gone and no new ones have shown up.

    As for the itching, the vet said it is probable allergies. At this point I am going to do some research, diet tweaks, benadryl, and try some of the natural solutions I've read about in other posts. She is not at all miserable, scratching or licking herself raw, or otherwise in bad shape at this time, so I will try home solutions before taking any drastic (and expensive) steps.
  • My dog is prone to chin acne.  I would use a cottonball with some astringent (like you get for people) and would do a little wipe down in the evenings.  It made a tremendous difference, she has nothing at all now.