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slimy stool

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slimy stool
  • This isn't a pleasant topic but.....
     I have 3 dogs,  a few days ago they all started defecating in the house!
    it was Very soft & had  alot of clear slimy looking stuff in it.& still does.
    They also had been vomiting.... This has been going on for a few days (well at least the defecating, the vomiting stopped) does anyone have any idea what would cause the clear slimyness of it? No diet changes at all.... nothing different...(however they had drank some water that was outside (snow) that had melted on some plastic that we had covering some hay...could the water have this reaction if it was bad?..no loss of weight.... they all have good appetites.....  now one of them has just recently become destructive.... tearing & chewing up  the carpeting & clawing at the door when we're gone. he does suffer from separation anxiety but hasn't done this before.... I'm at a loss.... can't afford the vet right now but don't know what to do..... I'm tearing out my hair trying to keep my carpet clean & my house not smelling like a kennel....& wondering what has happened to my dogs.... none of them have ever been like this.....   I'm at a loss.... my husband is so frustrated he's mentioned getting rid of all of them.  does anyone have any thoughts? suggestions? ideas? anything at all?????? [sm=banghead002.gif]
    any help would be appreciated!  
  • slimy poop can be indicative of an infection.
    I think you need to get them to the vet
  • Slimey poo means it's mucous which is a sign that something is going on- could be anything from worms to a virus, like mom2many said. Usually mucous in the poop (from what I remember) is the sloughing off of the intestinal lining due to an overgrowth. In Daisy's case it was yeast, but it could be caused by a bacteria or intestinal worms. Do you have them on a heartworm medicine (that can prevent both heartworms and intestinal worms)

    I would be nervous because all three of them are having the same thing- could be something that's going around your house. It definitely could be from the snow- you don't know what was on it when it was there- like if a stray dog pooed on it- and then your pups drank the water. I remember Laura C (with the border collies) a while ago all three of her dogs had a virus or bug, and a couple days later she got sick too.
    I know you say that you don't have the money for a vet, but if you could maybe just take a stool sample from one of the dogs in (at my vet it's only about $20-$30), and if they find something, they will probably give you some medicine for all three- from what I've learned if one of them has something, all of them are going to get it. My vet knows my college financial situation, so she doesn't make me pay for an office visit.
    As far as the destructive dog, I would get a crate for that one, and start crate training ASAP. Daisy started to get destructive like that when we moved into the house at school. She's learning to be good in the crate right now, and with some rescue remedy, she doesn't get as anxious in the crate as she did before.
  • My dogs are just getting over Giardia, which causes uncontrollable mucusy and bloody stool.  Dogs can get it by drinking stagnant water.  It has to be treated with an antibiotic.  I'm not saying for sure that that is what is wrong with your dogs, but if it is they need to be seen by the vet. Mine had accidents in the house too, while they were sick.
  • I learned to add a little plain yogurt to dog food and that does help with digestion.   But i agree with others, something is going on and you need to find out what it is.
  • Thanks so much for all your input... I don't know why I didn't think of it but.... the idea of taking a stool sample in to the Vet is exactly what I need to do....
    Thanks again to all of you for listening & for all the advice!
  • Just took my dog to vet for that same thing just no vomiting.  Vet said it was either bacterial or worms.  Need to take a regular stool sample there this week.  To follow up.
  • well took the sample to the Vet..... no parasites nothing.... no Giardia..... but she said sometimes it takes awhile for the Giardia to show up on the test... so she gave me a prescription for something called Metro..something (can't read her writing)... but it's to treat Giardia.... hopefully it will help.... if it doesn't.... I'll be back! to ask for your advise again! thanks so much to all of you.... & good luck Firestorm w/yours !
  • Thanks Daligo.  I was so glad I saw this post because this just happened yesterday. 
  • its prolly metronidazole....i work at a vets
  • If you suspect Giardia ask for the Giardia antigen test (still fecal).  It's more expensive but still cheaper than multiple 'regular' Giardia's.  My GSD had to regular Giardia's come back negative and the antigen came back positive.
    Giardia can also be a bit difficult to cure even with the antibiotics.  Dante was on two different meds for a total of 20 days.
  • WHat kind of vomit did your dog have?
    Mine has a frothy white but not a full vomit.  Just a lil came up and he still has loose stool but no mucus lately.  I have to take another stool to the vet this week.
  • Listen if the Metronidzole doesn't do it......... then please insist on your Vet treating them with Panacur...
    I went through Giardia for months.... with 5 dogs we are talking a NIGHTMARE....
    I research for hours on end..... My dogs got it off an old stagnet pool cover..... it was getting them over it that was pure...H...LL I swear my Scottie got it IBD from it...he never really recovered and I think its cause it went on too long.
    When I visited one of my favorite sites... The GREAT DANE LADY talks about Giardia and [linkhttp://www.greatdanelady.com/articles/giardia_protozoa_diarrhea_vomiting_weight-loss..htm]http://www.greatdanelady.com/articles/giardia_protozoa_diarrhea_vomiting_weight-loss..htm[/link]
    She was dead on how the treatment needs to be done with Pancur and repeated 10 after stretching the dosage over a 10 day period...
    After MONTHS of Girardia coming and going this did the trick.... After all the money spent on Metro along with another antibotic over and over I could have strangled my VET!!!