Kong ~ What can dogs eat?

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    Kong ~ What can dogs eat?

        My pup loves her kong. I usually fill it with chow, treats, peanut butter and carrots. I've read other posts about what you can put in a kong. It seem like whatever you can find in your kitchen that is good for them, stick it in the kong. My question is...what can dogs eat that'll go in the kong. I had no clue garlic and onions are bad for dogs. What else is bad??????

    Can I use veggies? Carrots, Brocolli, Cauliflower, Cucumber?

    What about fruits? Bananas, apples, kiwi, oranges?

    What kind of yogurt can you use? What about cottage cheese, ricotta, hummus, and shredded cheese?

    Triscuits, Wheat Thins? Baby food? Oatmeal?

    I don't want to stuff it with things that will make her sick or give her diaherra.

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    here's the list the ASCPA puts out for foods to never feed:


     You can use just about any veggie that's not listed and your dog will have fun digging out the tidbits (think baby carrots, etc) but s/he probably won't get any nutritional value out of them unless they are cooked or pureed.  You can do that (cook and puree) and then stuff it into a Kong (which you put into a cup) and then freeze.    I tend to use lowfat yogurt with a teeny bit of fruit (two or three blueberries or a comparable sized piece of mashed banana) and put that into the freezer.  

    I'd avoid any type of human cookie / snack cracker (triscuits, as an example) especially anything that has onion or garlic ("real", flavoring, powder, etc).   You also want to watch the salt on those things.

    If you do a search on "Kong Stuffers" you'll come up with lots of posts for other suggestions

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    Garlic isn't bad *in moderation* but yes, onion makes it difficult for their bodies to absorb calcium.

    If you use veggies you have to chopd/cook/ or puree them in order for them to get any nutritional value from them -- but freezing such can be a favorite with dogs.

    BE CAREFUL -- peanut butter is not wonderful for them.  They LOVE it but it's hard on the kidneys.  So be SUPER *minimal* with it.  And don't give it daily.

    Try tahini instead (ethinic/Jewish section -- it's ground sesame) -- tastes similar and man, my dogs LOVE it.   Has to be stirred so it's kinda a pain.

    The trick is variety -- if you are using a lot of veggies you have to look at the calcium/phosphorous ratio.  Carrots have a sucky cal/phos ratio so don't give them everyday or else offset them with something that has a GREAT ratio like kale.

    If you are tossing a carrot to your dog it's not 'bad' because they don't digest much  of it.  It just goes thru them mostly.  Raw veggies generally -- they may like them, but nutrtionally they aren't adding much because their bodies can't break them down.

    Try things like beef heart, chicken/turkey hearts, whitefish --

    If you want a 'binder' use something like ricotta cheese or plain yogurt. 

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    I use pumpkin as the binder and sometime mix it with veggies (they like carrots) and then freeze.


     Thanks for the note about peanut butter as I often use that as well.

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    I use plain full-fat yogurt as our regular binder for the kibble that I then freeze. But I've also been known to use mixtures of bone marrow, peanut butter, and natural balance food roll. But I think the key there is that all of those things I use only 1 tablespoon per dog. Most of what is in the Kong is just their healthy regular kibble, with just a little something sticky and wet (and fatty!) that binds it all together to freeze.