Corporate audit has me a ball of nerves....

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    Corporate audit has me a ball of nerves....

    As if working for a bank isn't stressful enough.
    Some days I kind of like my job, some day... weeks... I hate it.
    There's so much more to being a teller than most people realize... it's not all about counting money.
    There are government regulations and bank regulations and sales requirements and compliance issues and all sorts of things we deal with on a daily basis, aside from customer interactions.

    This week, since our manager quit, we are facing a corporate audit. Yes, the auditor seems nice, but in our world nice doesn't always equal nice... some nice people can smile to your face while they stab the knife in your back.

    This particular auditor requires hour long, one on one interviews with each banking center employee.
    What does the inteview consists of? Who knows, she won't tell us. "random questions you should know the answer to"...
    Are we allowed to bring notes? Or any of the gazillion compliance or reg memo's they send us that we're required to have easy access to in case we need it? No.

    My interview is tomorrow at 11:00... I've studied for two days and still feel like I don't know any more than I did when I started... and what did I study you ask? Not much... at least not compared to all the things she could ask.

    I'm praying she asks a lot of common sense, day to day type stuff...stuff I have to know to do my job... not some government regulations that I've never even heard of that I "should" know if were to become a loan officer or mortgage officer or some other job I have absolutely no desire to become.

    I'm a ball of nerves. It's like being given a test but not being told what is on it! I hate this!!!

    Audit ends Thursday... and I'm telling you, I'm celebrating some how!
    I'm thinking a nice, quiet, all by myself (well, except Greta) trail ride is in order.
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    Trust me they bank on making people nervous (no bank pun intended)

    In all my years in various capacities in the working world I ***always*** go into ANY meeting with paper & pen.  Not a 10 ton notebook, but some sort of a small tablet of paper and a pen **in your hand** and ASK as you set down.  "I just always bring paper to a meeting.  I just wanted to be prepared in case ...!"

    If one of her questions makes you think of a question of your own then write it down.  But you don't want to write down all she asks like you're going to coach the next person.  But making note of her name should be ok.  Or if she asks you something you think you **should** have known ask her if it's ok to make a note for yourself to look that up later.

    That simply makes it look like you have good work habits. 

    A lot of it depends on how bad this manager was perceived -- did they walk away with company property?  Did they not train their staff well?  Did they sit and do nothing all day and work needs to be re-apportioned?

    No gum.  Keep your hands quiet.  You may want to be early and ask on your way in if the auditor wants coffee and that might give you leeway to get a cup for yourself. 

     Honestly they aren't there to trip YOU up ... but they are there to find out what sort of wreckage the manager left behind usually.

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    Just thinking of you!!

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    Thanks guys!! I could feel your good vibes throughout my interview.

    She was highly impressed with my knowledge. LOL.. she said she didn't expect me to know as much as I do, since I'm only part time!

    I knew all the answers, except one, and I got it half right.

    She was very nice, and calm and easy to talk to. It was more like a discussion than an interview. And after I'd answered all the questions, which took less time than she'd planned, since I knew all the answers, we sat and talked for a while about general banking stuff, the other banks we've worked at, the similarities and difference without too much detail... in a friendly, comparing notes sort of way!

    Whew!! All that stressing over nothing! I'm just glad it's over!

    Thanks again!!!!

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    WTG !!!!


    Deb W.

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    Your preparation paid off--nice job! I know how stressful those types of audits can be! I hope the final report commends you knowledge and professionalism.