For anyone who may ever look for a job or who has hired someone - (Callie [:^)] )

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    I thought of this thread today when I got this email regarding a teaching position we have open - Wink

    In reading your job ad on Craigslist, can u tell me what is the application deadline ?  Thank you.
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    Yeah, I don't think texting has helped anyone's ability to spell or pick out typos, esp. the young folks.  Indifferent
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    I'd hire a dummy!!!!   Would make me look smarter!  Wink


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    LOL - good point Johnny!

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    At my company now the turnover rate is very low. However I am the only one who gets to have a full time intern (because I'm the only one who is a department of one!!!) and I pick and interview them myself. I have a few stories that were just too funny: -------------------------------------------------------------- The crazy Russian: I was not looking for anyone at the time. This girl came storming into the office. She was wearing ugg boots, torn jeans and a dirty looking jacket. Her hair was a mess. She came to me and asked "are you Janet?" when I said yes, she handed me a piece of paper (from a stack of about 50 pages) said "I'm looking for a job" then turned around and left again. Didn't even introduce herself or ANYTHING!!! I just checked her resume for where she was from because of her accent (as she didn't even give me the chance to ask anything) and threw it away! ----------------------------------------------------------- The photo booth guy: applies for a job via email. We do not require to send a picture. He did. He sent a scan of a photo booth picture. Well actually it was a strip with 3 of the same picture. Scanned at a 45 degree angle. He looked like a homeless guy on it with a dirty shirt and greasy uncombed hair. I deleted the email. ----------------------------------------------------------- Mommies girl: this was at a job fair. We were hiring flight attendants and I was using the opportunity to also advertise the internship position. This girl (again, dressed oh so shabbily!) came with her mother! She didn't qualify for a flight attendant position (too short) so I informed her mother about the internship position -the girl herself never spoke a word, just the mother talked! - the mother just told me with a disgusted face, that her daughter needed a REAL job. I wished her good luck with that! Lol. -----------------------------------------------------------------------ETA: sorry. Still can't get paragraphs on here......
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    When am part of the hiring process at my current job and when I help others prepare applications, IMO the most important thing is the cover letter.  Unfortunately, this seems to be the thing applicants are most likely to do a bad job with or just not submit at all.  Writing a cover letter is like its own form of a mathematical equation and art all in one.  I did choose to interview a few prospects based on their cover letters, in fact one of the people I last helped interview had one of the best cover letters I've ever seen (and I write cover letters for other people). 


    I was told once that the reason I got the interview was the strength of my cover letter.  The official closing date hadn't passed, but they had already started interviewing and had decided they weren't going to see any more people.... and then my email came through.  The office manager took it to the chap in charge and said, "we have GOT to see this person".  My interview wasn't even an interview - it was more a tour of the building and a chat about how they did things.... like they had already decided to hire me.

    Being able to actually **communicate** with the written word, beyond the level of text or Facebook, seems to be a dying art... It feels like no one bothers anymore!  That means a good cover letter stands out....

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