Soft Coated Wheaten Terriers

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    Soft Coated Wheaten Terriers

    Hi everyone! I love my Soft Coated Wheaten Terriers.. Any other "Wheaten" owners out there? They seem to be a pretty uncommon breed, if you ask me. When people ask what kind of dogs I have, they always seem pretty confused after I tell them what I have! (And for those unaware, saying "Soft Coated Wheaten Terrier " is ACTUALLY a mouthful!!) I currently have two Wheatens - A girl, Roxie, who is 6, and a boy, Buster, who is 7. We got Roxie as a puppy from a breeder in Canada, who we had used in the past when we got our first dog, Quincy, also a Wheaten, who passed away at ten years old. Well, Roxie is such a girl!!! So nosy! She always wants to see what's going on, always running to front door when the door bell rings, and always running to see what this or that noise what. But at the same time, she is so loving, affectionate and a huge couch potato! She also seemed to never have grown out of her puppy stage. There are times where she will still go into a garbage can and chew apart a tissue. Because of this, we unfortunately still have to crate her when we leave the house. Our boy, Buster, was a rescue! He came from a family in Canada who was relocated to the Middle East because of a job and could no longer keep their pup. They were worried he would not make it in the hot temperatures there. Buster has been in our home since January of 2013 and he has been a perfect fit. We were all a little worried how an older dog would adjust in a new home with new habits, and most importantly, another dog. Well, it was no problem at all because the night we brought him home he was already cuddling on the couch with my mom and dad. Buster is a huge teddy bear!! (And looks like one too). He has a different cut than Roxie, and is much bigger, so there is no trouble telling them apart. Buster is also a much different dog than Roxie. Having them both really shows the difference between a male and female! He is not as nosy and is more of a "go with the flow" sort of dog, if you know what I mean. He likes to sprawl out on the couch or on the floor underneath the fan and isn't so interested in "garbage-picking" or running to see who is at the front door. But he has one distinct feature that I have never seen in a dog before.. He LIVES to play! No, that was not a typo.. He literally could play fetch 24/7. Any time someone even goes near the back door, he runs right over and is ready to go out. We take him out at least five or six times a day to play, plus a walk at night, because he has SO MUCH energy and he loves it. He also loves to swim, which is rare in Wheaten Terriers. His old owner used to take him on hikes through the woods and creeks, so when we got him, we were curious how we would react around our built-in pool in the backyard. The first summer, he didn't go near it. Well, the second summer was very different. One hot day in July, my family was out by the pool. He or she had never gone near the water at this point, so we never worried about them going in. Well all of sudden, Buster mosied right down the steps into the water. We all did not know how to react! We directed him towards the steps and he acted like it was no big deal. After that, it was history. He loves to swim! He is the most active dog I have ever met. He now has his own life jacket, along with a special toy that floats in the pool. He listens so well, knows exactly what to do and how to swim towards the steps once he is in the pool. Roxie's motherly instincts come out when Buster is in the pool because she gets very, very nervous and anxious when he is in the water. We try to keep her in the house when he swims to keep her calm. My dogs are crazy!!! But I love them more than anything. They are sweet, loving, and great around people, including children, and we never have to worry about them being unfriendly to someone (If anything, they are OVERfriendly). We tell people that the worst thing they will do is give them a big, wet kiss on their cheek, and they have never proved us wrong. They love to cuddle, but their nosiness makes them sound like a great watch dog! (Not sure how well they would do in that department.. Like I said, the worst they may do is kiss them!) Happy, friendly, and self-confident are how they are described, and I think that fits them to a T! They are a great family dog, and make a great companion! Can anybody else share their Wheaten stories with me? My dogs are so great and I would love to hear about some others and their fun personalities!

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    Hi Leah,

    My terrier mix passed away in mid June this year and I'm still coming to terms with it, but one of the things I've been doing is to research various breeds in an attempt (a certainly futile attempt) to figure out exactly what he is/was. This is something I used to do on occasion even while he was living, and last fall, someone suggested that he might have some Soft-Coated Wheaten in his ancestry . I had never heard of Wheatens until that point, but it was an interesting suggestion and naturally, I looked them up. After reading a bit about them, I'm still not sure how likely it is that he has Wheaten. If I had to make a firm guess, I'm fairly sure he has some Schnauzer in his bloodline, but I do think it's possible some Wheaten might be in there, too. (Prior to learning that Wheatens existed, I might have mistaken a Wheaten for some sort of sheep dog)

    Having said that, I became somewhat fascinated by Wheatens, as well as modern Irish terriers. There's a really great write-up about the history of Wheatens and how, very early in their history in Ireland, the "Irish Terrier" was considered a dog type, as opposed to a specific breed. The current Irish Terrier, Kerry Blue, and one or two others were actually developed from Wheatens.

    In any case, they are a lovely breed, and I've been looking around at local breeders even though I'm not really *looking* yet. But when the time is right, there might be a Wheaten in my future. If so, I'll be sure to come back and share some Wheaten stories :)