Boxer/Pit Bull Mix

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    Boxer/Pit Bull Mix

    Hey everyone.  This is my first post here because I recently became a new father (well, doggie father :P)

    I just adopted/purchased a dog (but in my opinion rescued if you saw the home) a boxer/pit bull.  He is the sweetest thing and is currently cuddled next to me right now.  I haven't been able to find a lot on this breed online, but I was wondering if anyone knows much about this breed.  I've read up on the boxer and the pit bull (thankfully much of the stereotypes are not based on fact, but rather a couple bad seeds) and the dogs seem very sweet and loyal. 

    I firmly believe that a dog's behavior is based on how it is raised and I intend to give this little fellow the best home =)

    I look forward to talking with you all.  Soon I hope to post pictures

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    I own an American Pit Bull Terrier (APBT). He is my heart dog. He is the absolute sweetest, loyal, most velcro dog I've ever met in my life! You are right to point out that the media myths are not based on fact. APBTs are generally very people friendly dog, unless they've been severly mistreated, very badly bred, or mixed (bred) with a different guardian breed.

    I think its pretty safe to say that you've done a good thing and will have a companion for life!

    What kind of information are you looking for? Personal accounts? Books? Forums or websites?

    There are some very devoted bully people here that will probably lend some more information.

    By the way, welcome to the board, and WE NEED PICTURES!
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    i used to know a boxerbull. She was bred that way on purpose [8|] she was a sweety but BOY was she destructive! she belonged to my cousin (i have a lot of those, big family you know....) her fiance (at the time) gave her one of the puppies from his boxer bitch, also a sweet heart. i never met the dad. But Sally, the puppy, was cute and loving, but all bully. she looked like a miniature boerboel(sp). very thick, wide shoulders and hips and had the ears of a boerboel.
    I once dropped a library book while visiting my aunt. didnt know i had even lost it until she returned it to me a week later... rather, what was left of it.
    But that wasnt her fault. The relationship between my cousin and her fiance fell to pieces in a rather dramatic way and the dog ended up at my aunts house, and she didnt really want anything to do with her. So she ended up living with some people down the street from her. They still see her from to time. she will come visit, and is still as friendly as ever. She is about... wow.. about ten years old now i think. She was born back in either '98 or '99. i cant remember exactly.

    Good luck with your new furbaby :D if you do him right then he will most assuredly do you right in return. just remember he is a bullbreed and will have a thick skull, so you'll have to be firm and consistent. i'm only saying this because i dont know your experience with these breeds.
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    Hi! Just to clarify, because I'm not sure if it's just early and I misunderstood your post, but a boxer/pit bull mix is NOT a breed. It's a mix of two different breeds.
    Having said that, I BET you're going to be in for a world of GOOFY times! Boxers are goofs and so are pit bulls!

    My dog is a pit bull mix of sorts. I ADORE her and probably won't ever be without a pit bull in my life from now on. Like Alieliza said, my dog is a velcro dog and she LOVES LOVES LOVES humans. But she is NOT fond of other dogs. This isn't always the case with all pit bulls or pit mixes, but, unfortunately, it often is.

    Please, read up on the difference between human aggression and dog aggression. Because of the most recent breeding of pit bulls to fight other dogs, this is now a genetic trait within pit bulls. Or can be.
    Sites to check out:
    [link]pit bull rescue central[/link]

    And try to become a member here:
    [link]pit bull forum[/link]

    Those people are VERY knowledgeable about pit bulls. I learned A LOT on that site.

    Two rules of the most important, general rules about pit bulls and/or pit bull mixes to remember are:
    1.NEVER trust a pit bull NOT to fight other dogs or animals. This may never happen, but since this breed cannot afford much more of a bad rep, it's never something you want to risk. Keep all other pets separated (this should be done anyway).
    2.NEVER bring your pit bull to a dog park. A dog park is NOT a place for a pit bull or pit mix. Not saying the pit bull would start something with another dog, but if something DID happen, the pit bull or pit mix would get the blame. And if something is started with a pit bull, he WILL finish it. It's best just not to put your dog in a position where he has a high chance of failing.

    Enjoy your pup![:D] He will bring you countless moments of joy and laughter and he'll be the BEST snuggle bug EVER![:D]
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    I have 2 puppies that are 3/4 american pit bull terrier and 1/4 boxer. They are from the same litter but one looks like a pit bull and one looks like a bullboxer. They are the funniest most outgoing puppies. They love people and even though they are only 14 weeks I would never let them be anyother way. They are being raised with my two adult american pit bull terriers who are both male and so far everyone gets along great in my house. They do chew up everything that gets left where they can get it and sometimes they are so hyper that they will drive you crazy but they are funny as well. They are goofy little things that chase their tails until they fall over exhausted. If you get a chance I would love to see a pic of your new guy.
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    I have a 5 month old puppy who is a boxer/pit mix (there's a pic of him in my siggy.)
    He is the SWEETEST puppy ever, but he is by no means perfect and I've definitely been around easier puppies. He loves people to a fault...we're working on teaching him manners when meeting new people, because currently, when he sees anyone new he starts leaping at them and barking from excitment. It's a bit of a problem.
    He is also HYPER, and he *can* be a bit other dogs, luckily, won't hesitate to teach him a lesson when he crosses too many boundaries, which unfortunately he does fairly often. [8|]
    He seems like he definitely has both pit and boxer personality traits. He is the goofiest puppy I have ever met. He loves to play, loves to bounce around, and he can jump HIGH...which I learned the other day when he sailed over the back of our recliner and into my lap. [sm=eek.gif]
    He does seem to be showing some signs of dog aggression though, so as others have said that's something to watch for. He loves the dogs in his pack, and he can be introduced to new dogs...but he gets a bit barky and snarly when he sees a strange dog on walks, so he may progress to the point where he's full blown dog aggressive and I have to seperate him from my other dogs...being 5 months old, it's too soon to tell, but it's something I'm prepared for if it happens.
    So yeah, I think they can be great dogs- mine certainly is- but I would NOT call them easy.
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    Great advice everyone!
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    I have an almost 8 month old femal pit boxer. She seem to have more pit then boxer. She is the most loving dog you could ever have. She is nothing like what you hear about. Bella has not show the slightest bit of agression. Bella (my pit boxer) loves to play with children, adults, other dogs, and loves cats. Even though the cats may not always like her back!

    I do not know about your dog but Bella has been fairly easy to train. In the first week that we had her (she was 10 weeks old), I had already taught her to sit, stay, lay down, no , and shake! She caught on very quickly. The only issue is that when she gets around several people she tends to not want to listen due to the excitement. Yet, we have been working on that and progress is being made. Also within the first week she was already going to the door when she needed to use the bathrooom. Treats are a great way to train a dog. Reward them for their good behavior. Walking Bella in the begining was a bit of a tak. She always wanted to walk me intead of me walk her. So I suggest a sporn halter, which is also known as a no pull halter. This halter will stop your dog from walking you! I swear by it. The first time I used it on Bella she quit pulling me instantly!

    In the last 6 months that we have had Bella her temperment has been great. She has the mannerisms of an adult dog but with a playful side every now and then. She has yet to chew up anything in my house. Which was something that I wa not looking foward to when we first decided to get a dog. So, I guess I have been luck in that area.

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     This thread is from 2007.

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    it's a great breed mix, I guess :)
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    Hello. I hope i didn't sign up for a site no one uses anymore.. Im seeing post from 07 and the latest from 2011 Is snyone still here?

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     Thank you and welcome to the! My name is Kaitlin and I am one of the moderators! We are always holding stimulating conversations and activities. You are correct, this is an old thread. If you visit the home page you can see what is currently happening on the If you have any questions feel free to ask!