Choosing A Dog

Choosing A Dog
What's your favorite breed? Why?
Everyone has a favorite breed. Tell me about yours.
Beagles, as companions.
What is your opinion of Beagles as companion dogs, pets. Obviously their suitability as a house dog/family pet would probably depend on how far down the line their ancestors were used for hunting. Do Beagle enthusiasts and competitive handlers view dogs not our of hunting stock, as inferior?
Types of Breeds for Large Apartment
Live in a big city and have a fairly large apartment. What brands are great for the city and don't require a whole lot of exercise? Thanks!
  • 8 REPLIES my dog a Pit bull / Corgi Mix?
His name is Gizmo :) When I first got him I was told he was a Pit/ German Shepard mix. I was also told he was 8 weeks old... he was actually about 5 or 6 weeks, didn't realize until I took him to the vet. Anyways, as hes gotten older he has not gotten as big as a German Shepard mix would be at his...
Here's a reminder on why adoption is always a great option. :...
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Help me figure out breed mix please
Hi all I just adopted a new puppy from the local shelter (current avi pic). Can anyone help to give me a guess on her breed mixture? Shelter said she was a Shepard mix. Possible Australian shepard/ Rottie? Thanks for for your help.
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Help me Figure my breed of dog!***
Shes a bullmastiff mixed with something else? Which is why we need help deciding. Shes got double dew claws (Frontlegs & backlegs). Shes only 6 months right now and 67lbs. She Has a nice brindle tiger like please help! I can answer anything that needs to be answer to figure it out
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What's your personal opinion of Akitas? We have one at the shelter right now who is very friendly. Heck, he even seems fine when we pass by other dogs. He was obviously a well socialized Akita. When I was talking to another volunteer who had him out in a pen, a potential adopter came over to...
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Boxer/Pit Bull Mix
Hey everyone. This is my first post here because I recently became a new father (well, doggie father ) I just adopted/purchased a dog (but in my opinion rescued if you saw the home) a boxer/pit bull. He is the sweetest thing and is currently cuddled next to me right now. I haven't been able to...
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Oh German Shepherd folks... what's this Panda Shepherd?
One of my favorite pass-times is to google dog images, yes, I am a dork... but that's another issue..... Anyway, so I'm looking at pics of GSD's and I see a Panda Shepherd? Never seen one before... kind of odd looking..... kinda looks like a GSD, but kinda looks like a mix, almost like...
Cavalier king charles puppies
Was looking to see if anyone knows of any local breeders who sell cavalier king charles puppies in or around NEPA?
Have always wondered what breed she really is?
Have had this lovable and devoted dog for years now and she has never been anything but a perfect lady! Never any signs of aggression towards people or animals. Any ideas because I hear different things from different people? She weighs about 95lbs. and stands 19" at the withers! I would appreciate...
Bailey is doing really good! When we are just chilling inside she will lay by your feet and take a nap. She likes the cats and the goats! She is interested in the horses too! so far she is a really good girl! she knows sit, lay down, and stay! We are teaching her how to shake right now :)
Dogo Argentino
I have a Dogo Argentino aka the Argentine Mastiff he is my first one. I owned a rottie before him. Just looking to see if there are any other Dogo owners out there and if so please share your pics and stories!! I love my guy!!
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What breed is my dog? Please help:)
Hi all! My husband and I have been in search of what breed our rescue dog, Kale is ever since we brought him home. When we rescued him, they labeled him as a labradoodle but we know that is incorrect now that he's grown up. He's big-about 72 lbs. He has long wiry hair that we trim but keep...
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Bully Breed Owners – YOU FAILED YOUR DOGS
I am sick and tired of dog aggressive bully breeds – pits, staffies etc. and irresponsible of those who love these dogs. Its not fair to other dog owners. It is dangerous to our dogs. Its not fair to these dogs. Its our fault we bred them forever to be into fighting other dogs but that’s...
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anxiety in my shih tzu
I have a three year old shih tzu and she is a very nervous dog that sometimes she will gnaw on herself until she has sores and bleeding. We have tried everything we know to do and was hoping someone could give us some good advice on how to handle this situation. It hurts us to see her hurt herself but...
What breed is the 6 month old rescue?
The rescue I'm with rescued this 6 month old from a church yard. Any quesses on his breed so I can properly list him. He weighs about 30 pounds, is super energetic and cries when he doesn't get enough attention. (click on my icon)
Help my sick pittie
I am looking for someone that may be able to diagnose my sick pittie. She has persistant diarrhea. It clears up for a week and then it comes right back. She is also at least 10 lbs underweight. She eats a lot. Due to her being underweight, we always leave some food and water out. She isn't around...