My male puppy PURPOSEFULLY pees on me!

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    My male puppy PURPOSEFULLY pees on me!

    We adopted a puppy approximately 1 month ago and have yet to get him even remotely close to understanding the concept of housebreaking.  He is now crate trained but we can't seem to get him to use the yard as his bathroom.  He goes outside for an hour with us and comes directly in and squats!  The past two days he has begun peeing on US!  He squated on my husband lastnight and peed while he was on the couch, he full-out pees when I pick him up, pees on my couch, my bed.... IM GOING NUTS!  I practically live in cleaning gloves and have scrubbed every square inch of my home!
    This is killing me!  He isn't coming close to understanding this!!!  I take him out and on the rare occassion that he pees/poos outside I make a huge thing out of it saying "good boy" and petting him.  We have done the whole "take him out every 30 minutes and 10 minutes after he eats" thing.  Doesn't work....We HAVE to get this figured out or we will be forced into making him a soley outdoor pet and that is NOT what we want.
    PLEASE, is it normal for a dog to purposefully squat on you and what can I do to help him figure this out! 
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    I meant to mention that he is a Rat Terrier/Shitzu mix.  (Mom was full Shitzu, father was full Rat Terrier).  We got him when he was 7 weeks old so he is 11 weeks now.  My friend who got a puppy from the same litter has a little girl and her puppy is 97% potty trained.  I'd put Chase, our little guy at 9%.
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    If Chase is crate trained, keep him in their if you can't be watching him.  As soon as you take him out take him outside.  If he doesn't do his business, bring him back in and put him back in the  crate.  Take him out after a bit again and same thing.  No play time, cuddling, nothing until he has peed.  Is he food motivated?  Give him treats outside as soon as he squats.  If he has a favorite toy, give that to him when he starts to go. 

    Another question.  What do you do when he pees in the house?  Do you whisk him outside and put him in his spot?  If you don't catch him in the act, you can't punish him.  He won't know what he did.  Just put him away in his crate and clean it up.  Don't let him see you cleaning the mess.  He will think that this is what you are for since his momma did it for him when he was still with her.

    Good luck!
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    Don't give up just yet. Have you tried using puppy pads? We have a Bichon who is crate trained, we use pads with him all the time. He uses them on a regular basis and then we just throw them away. It is not the cheapest way to train but it really has worked well for us. We keep our dog indoors all the time. Hope that works out for you.
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    Husky-  Chase is in his crate whenever we aren't capable of watching him.  I am a stay-at-home mommy so I have the ability to really give him a lot of time and attention.  When he pees and I catch him (sometimes it is hard to distinguish a squat and sitting) I immediately take him outside to his spot.  Anytime we are outside he is on his leash in his area.  I don't go back inside until he eliminates.  He then comes inside and pees more!  Sometimes its a large pee, sometimes small.  I shake a Walmart baggy at him when I catch him in the act b/c the noise startles him.  I never punish him if I don't catch him in the act.  My punishment is a stern AHHH in a deep voice, shake the baggy at him and immediately pick him up and take him out.  He is never around when I clean up after him. 
    Norma-Puppy pads are not something I would choose to use to be honest unless it was the extreme last choice.  I don't like the idea of him expelling in our home.  Im fearful he would get use to the pads and then I would have to retrain him to go outside.  It seems confusing and, honestly, smelly [:)]
    Have any of you had a puppy pee on you purposefully?  I mean, pop a squat and pee in your lap?  It seems very odd to me and I have yet to find anything on it on google.  I see where pets get excited or mark their territory but to deliberately pee on their owner?!?  He isn't old enough to start marking is he?  It isn't because he is excited either.  Its just a "gotta go, here's a good spot" kind of reaction. .....  It is one thing to work with housetraining but seriously, all out peeing on me? 
    I'm a bit at wits end right now...
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    The only time I've had a dog pee one me was in a pet store while I was playing with a puppy(no, I wasn't going to buy him, he just looked really sad and lonely).  We never allowed our puppy to go upstairs to the carpeted areas and we never allowed him on furniture until he was completely potty trained.

    Make sure you use an enzymatic cleaner made for pets to completely eliminate the odor.  You can also try soaking up his pee and poo in paper towel and put them in a certain spot outside where he's supposed to go.  Sometimes puppies will be encouraged to go if they smell pee or poo.

    There are certain times puppies really need to go, like after a meal and right after a nap.  If you play with him for a while outside, he'll probably get tired and take a nap, then take him out immediately after he wakes up.  More often than not, he'll squat down and pee.

    You can also try hanging a bell on the door for the puppy to ring if he wants to go out.  We found this very useful with our pup.  Start by pushing his nose into the bell and say out.  Then open the door and let him out and praise him.  Ours got it within a few days.

    I dont know where you live, but I wouldn't feel safe leaving such a small dog outside most of the time.  First of all it would be easy for him to crawl out under small spaces.  Also, where we live, pets have been known to be killed by coyotes.  Such a small dog would be easy pray for a coyote.
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    Does he like being outside? If you bring him inside right after he eliminates, he may associate fun things ending because he went pee/poo.
    Have you had him checked for a UTI or other problem that may make it difficult to housetrain?
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    Thinking that an eleven week old Shih/Rat mix is going to be housetrained at 11 weeks is sort of like thinking a human infant will be toilet trained at 6 months.  Ain't gonna happen with that breed usually.  Give the little guy some time.  He has a tiny bladder and may not be able to hold it very long yet. 
    The secret is never scold him (he just learns not to pee in front of humans, or he pees out of fear), watch him constantly for signs, and if you can't watch him, crate him.
    Patricia McConnell has an inexpensive handy dandy little booklet that you can get at her website ([link][/link]) called "Way to Go - How To Housetrain a Dog of Any Age".
    Small breed dogs are often more difficult to housebreak (one reason I love my Aussies - they "get it" lightning fast LOL), but if you are consistent, they too will learn.  One thing to keep in mind is that if a dog is going frequently, or a lot at a time, it's best to take a urine sample to the vet, just to rule out a UTI or some other problem.
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    BTW, a pup that young is NOT "purposefully" pee'ing on you.  Male dogs don't start "marking" until much later. 
    Are you carrying him or lifting him a lot?  That makes some small dogs afraid, and they may let some urine go as a "calming signal", basically telling you they aren't a threat.  A pup this young should not be up on furniture or beds yet anyway. 
    A good rule of thumb, if you are ok with dogs on furniture, is to wait until they know all their basic commands, will get up or get off on command, and will come when called every single time.  That puts you in control, not the dog - up on his "throne". [sm=biggrin.gif]
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    I dont understand one aspect of something you said. If you just brought him in from going potty and he goes as soon as you bring him in does that mean he goes twice or you are bringing him in without him pottying outside?
    My boss has a rat terrier and he was a HUGE pain in potty training but I dont know if something like that can be blamed on a breed, maybe? Try using the bell trick, hang a bell by the door where you take him to potty and make him ring it with his paw before you take him out. DONT go back in the house until he has pottied. The best time to enforce this is right when he wakes up or right before bedtime. Me and Rory used to sit out back for 30 minutes in  the cold before she'd go potty, it sucked BIG TIME but she caught on. I also found out REAL QUICK that she would not go if I wasnt out there. and I couldnt just stand there and wait, she felt pressured so I had to busy myself, maybe she figured "well as long as were out here". Good luck with your fur baby, he is very handsome!