Overprotective of his toys

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    Overprotective of his toys

    Houston is a 4 year old cocker spaniel. We have had him for almost 3 years and over time he has become more protective of his toys. If he has a tennis ball, he never puts it down. He will whine, walk around the house, sit, and sleep with it in his mouth. He is that way with his black Kong too. If we put a cookie in the Kong he will growl. Even if Kenny my older dog walks by he will growl like he thinks Kenny is going to take it when he isn't going to. So we rarely put a cookie in his Kong.

    I would like to lessen this behavior. Any suggestions please.

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    hii i experienced the same problem with my two year old havanese dog smurfy, his favourite dog was his rubber duck, he even won't let it go when he used to sleep he was very protective for it. I tried many things but it was a waste of time finally my friend told me to seek a professional's help.

    I went to this place called Camp Bow Wow in Middlesex NJ, they have these amazing training programs that range from basic to advanced and at very reasonable prices. Trust me after this training program he became a lot more calmer than before and was very friendly with other dogs too.