what is best to feed for a dog after birth?

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    what is best to feed for a dog after birth?

     My dog just gave birth to 3 healthy puppies tonight.

    but i was wondering what is best to give to the mother.. i've been told allot of things and then was told that its not a good idea.

    So im kinda stuck.

    can i give her eggs, chicken broth and keep her on puppy food?

    any suggestions ? 

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    Puppy food, or a whole lot of an all life stages food is usually what's recommended.  She'll need a lot of energy, and it's best if she spends as little time as possible eating and pooping so go for high quality with plenty of concentrated calories.

    The idea behind the traditional egg is to support skin and coat health during whelping and lactation (biotin).  With the salmonella contamination of today's eggs, offering mom raw eggs would scare me.  If she is a working dog, I'd assume coat's not an issue.  If she is a show dog, I bet fellow breeders will have suggestions on good, safe coat supplements to offer during this time.  If you wish to boost protein and fat in a healthy manner, you can offer lightly sauted  cuts of meat - or raw if your comfort level and her stomach will tolerate it.

    Good luck.

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         Congrats on the puppers!!!  Party!!!  
         The best foods to use directly following a whelping are ones that will settle the dam's stomach ... especially if they've eaten too many placentas Tongue Tied I use cooked ground beef or boiled chicken for the first 24hrs, along with a vitamin tablet (have been using Hartz dog vitamins for years & they give very noticable results). I also use a mixture of evaporated milk, two raw egg yolks (no whites) and plain yogurt mixed together with a *slight* amount of boiling water to thin the mixture out. This same formula can also be used as a supplemental feeding to the pups, with more water added. Have used this formula on newborns and never, ever had a problem with salmonella from the eggs.

         After the first day or so, get her on a good puppy food. At this time, I start supplementing mom with raw bones, primarily cut up chicken leg quarters, lamb ribs. I continue to use the raw bones in conjunction with the puppy food, vitamins & evaporated milk until the pups are about 3-4 weeks and ready to start eating solid foods. It's very important to give mom as much food as she wants, and also food that is of the highest quality. This is a tremendous drain on her body, and she'll need all the calcium rich foods she can get. BTW, even after the pups are weaned, I do not try to force the bitch into drying up. I do lessen the amount fed and cut out the vitamins, but she ramains on pup food so that her body is not drained of nutrients ...

         Good luck! BTW, any pics??? lol