The easiest way to stop your dog's Bad Breath

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    The easiest way to stop your dog's Bad Breath

    We all hate it when it happens. And I believe whether it’s from human or pet it equally irritating and disgusting as well. Yeah, you got me right. I am talking about Bad Breath.

    I can imagine how blush-making situation it will be when your beloved dog is reclining on its Byte Best chew resistant pet bed and you go close to your dog to give a kiss on the forehead but you smell bad breath. To get rid of this thing isn’t that easy. You go with some tedious processes like Dental Wipes and Enzymatic toothpaste. What if an easy solution is there?

    Byte Best always believe in the simple tricks and hacks which is easy to perform or adapt. That’s why I always try to tell you pet lovers about the most convenient way to nurture your pet. Now let’s learn about the easiest way to deal with the bad breath of your dog:

    Doggie Breath Mints

    We all are known to this term MINT as it is used in many products which allows us to eradicate bad breath of us. This can also be used to stop your pup’s bad breath. There are various mint flavored treat bites for the dog which can easily be swallowed by the dog and by using it regularly the dog breath will always be fresh.

    So these dog Bites are very simple and homemade. So you can make it by yourself without being worried about the chemical side effects that commercial goodies have. Some very popular and effective dog Mint Treat Bytes are:

    Pumpkin Apple Doggie Mint Treats

    It is a very nutritive mint treat. It is not only very useful for stopping bad breath but also a very tasty thing to have in the mouth. The ingredients of this treat as the name suggests are Pumpkin Puree, Apple, parsley, eggs, mint, and whole wheat flour.

    The making process of this treat is very simple. First, take all the ingredients and blend it smoothly with a little amount of water in an electric mixer.

    Then shape that dough came out from the mixer like the way you want. It can be a star or bone shapes or any other shape that your lovable dog likes. After that bake those shapes for 20 minutes on medium heat in your oven. Then serve those to your dog and be happy.

    Cheesy Mint Dog Biscuits

    I know it sounds weird. The cheese and the Mint together! But dogs love it very much and it’s proven. This is a very popular type and nutritious as well.

    The ingredients used to make this biscuit are Mint, shredded cheddar cheese, oil, eggs, whole wheat flour, and water. The preparing way is similar to the previous one. Blend all the ingredients in an electric mixer. Make sure the cheese is mixed finely. Otherwise, you will find difficult to make the dough. Then bring the desired shapes of it. Bake these staffs in an oven for 25 minutes on medium heat.

    Peanut Butter Doggie Mint Treats

    It’s always amazing to bring flavors in your life in anything. So you must bring variations in your mint treats so that the dog will enjoy every kind. This is a very delicious one I can guarantee you that and may you can try some for yourself as well!

    Smooth peanut butter, Skim milk, eggs, all-purpose flour, baking soda, and basil and peppermint essential oil are the ingredients of this treat. The color of this treat is very attractive so that your dog may attract this kind easily. Blend all ingredients and bake the shapes made from the dough for 20 minutes on medium heat.

    Regular Doggy Breath Mints

    I think sometimes a simple and regular one is also needed in case of lack of ingredients. This one is pretty simple and doesn’t require much of the ingredients and of course, it is tasty as well.

    You can use whole wheat flour, oats, salt, mint, parsley and an egg for the mixture. Bake the treats for 15 minutes only and you’re done.

    Special TIP: Don’t serve Treat Bites regularly to your dog. I mean it’s not that you should make the dog swallowed all the time like we chew chewing gums. Serve it maximum 3 times a day especially in the morning after breakfast and at night before getting into bed.

    The reason behind not to serve mints on a regular basis is if you do that the dog will lose its taste bud so that it won’t be able to taste foods. And definitely, this will cause him lost for appetite.

    One more thing if the bad breath still continues after giving your dog these mints treats then you must go with dental treatment. Research suggests that 80% of dogs face some kind of dental issues. So it would be best for the pup to go for its dental care.

    That’s it. I hope you will now be able to get rid of the bad breath of your dog with this simple and healthy process.

    Good luck to you and your dog!

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    I found this extremely helpful and interesting. Some of the flavors sound tasty. The ingredients are healthy. Bad breath in a dog is hard to deal with and offensive. Thanks for the receipes.

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    There is some symptoms you must have to focused on that:

    Daily Brush your dog's teeth.

    Consider annual cleanings by your vet.

    Provide something to chew on.

    Keep an Close eye on what he eats and drinks.

    Add chopped parsley to his food.