pancreatitits help

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    pancreatitits help

    my internet is terrible where i live, so it took me forever to sign up witb a forum for dogs. Anyways, i originally wanted to ask something else, but since then i have taken the dog in question to a vet, so the question has changed.

    The short version is, has anyone here'S dog had pancreatitis? and atlso, she is whining a bit and seems umcomfortable but they didnt prescribe any pain medication. they gave her fluids and told us to bring her back tomorrow. they said they would ideally like to keep her hospitalized but we didnt have enough money.

    im wondering if anyone has any good info or advice on the situation, or have any advice about her pain. they said no food only water, so im not sure if an nsaid would even work, not to mention potential risk.

    thank you.






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    Welcome to the community, I'm sure a long term member will post some advice soon iDog - Forum anyone care to help?

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    I can help you here or on the phone.   in a friend request I gave you my number. I have quite a bit of experience w it. . you can get thru this.  my first dog to get it had onset age 2 and she lived to be 20