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St. Bernard / Lab mix

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St. Bernard / Lab mix
  • My friend rescued a st. bernard lab mix dog, 7-8 months old, but she has too many dogs as it is, and I was thinking about adopting him.

     Are there any major health issues I need to be aware of before actually saying yes, I'll take the dog? 

     his temperment is great, sort of lazy laid back and very friendly.  I love this dog, and want him to be around for a long time. 

     Just want to make sure I'm not getting into something really bad, as far as health issues go.


    Also any ideas on what size he might get to when he is full grown.  I'd say right now he is around 60 lbs, maybe more.  When will he be full grown?


    Ron in Denver


  • Both breeds can have health problems but that's true of most any breed of dog or mix of breeds.  Sometimes it's just a roll of the dice.  You generally have a better chance of a healthy dog by going through a reputable, responsible breeder who does the health testing pertinent to their breed but even then problems can occur.   I have no guess about what his possible adult size might be.

    his temperment is great, sort of lazy laid back and very friendly.  I love this dog, and want him to be around for a long time. 


    This, to me, is the most important factor.  We never know how long our dogs will be with us, too much is out of our hands when it comes to predicting longevity.  I would rather have a dog I love for only a few years than never have had that bond because I was worried about the future heartbreak.  Believe me, it hurts no less when they live to a ripe old age when you lose them.  We always know, going in, that we most likely will outlive our dogs.  It's worth it to have them in our lives.  Just my opinion of course and not meant in any way to disparage your question, which is a very legitimate one.

  •  This will be my first dog.  My family and I have had mini schnauzers my entire life, so I know the responsibility of a dog, just don't know too much about st. bernards. But this will be MY first dog.

     I guess, my un-conscious is trying to find a reason not to take the dog, but I strongly believe that both of our lives will be better with one another 

     I completely understand the "roll of the dice" , but I think like you said, his presence will out weigh any other factors that I'm considering to be detrimental.  

     Probably the best thing I can do for him is to  keep him healthy as I can with regular exercise, and regular check ups.  What happens happens, and like most people will cross that bridge when I get to it.

     Thank you for the insight, and I really appreciate it!

  • You have obviously given it some thought and that's what being a responsible pet owner does, thinks about the possibilities.  There is a ton of info concerning breed related health issues for both these breeds. You can educate yourself on the possible problems to be on the lookout for.   If you decide to take him, I'd enroll in a training class.  It's usually fun and a great way to bond.  Let us know what you decide and we love pictures. Big Smile

  •  I'm actually taking him for the weekend, so we'll see how we both adjust to each other.  I'm pretty sure it will turn out well, and we won't want to leave each others side.  I'll def, keep everyone posted.

  • good luck to you both!

    You may want to start looking at joing supplements - as both breeds are prone to hip problems later on. Fish oil is very good for this, and there are many other supps out there!

  •  is there a specific fish oil for dogs?  Just wondering because I know there are brands for humans which are great.

  • there are - but I give my dog human grade - it goes through stricter mercury testing and such through the FDA.

    You also want to give vit E with the fish oil

  •  Do you use just the pill form?  And do you include in with the food?  Thanks by the way for the great help and info!

  • I use a capsule of fish oil and vit E, and I just add it to his dinner. I get mine from a local health food/nurtition store - I know some other members order theirs online from different places

  •  I use Grizzly Salmon Oil, It comes in pump form with how many pumps for weight listed on the side, very simple. I also use vit e with it. Her coat is so shiny on it too!