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Is this dog a Pomeranian?

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Is this dog a Pomeranian?
  • Someone dropped this adorable dog in our subdivision.  He didn't have a chip, tag or collar.  After taking care of him for the past one week, we have decided to keep him.  We took him to the vet today and he seems to be a healthy dog (3-4 years old, 14" tall and 9.0 lb).  We are wondering if he is a Pomeranian?  We think he is a little too big for a Pomeranian.  Could he be a Pomeranian/German Spitz mix?


  • German spiz are really really rare in the US.  Many poms (particularly pet bred) look more spitz like and are larger than your typical show pom.  He looks a lot like my friend's pomeranian only black.  He could  possibly be a mix, though with what I'm not sure.

  •  His breed is CUTE.  Sorry I'm not much help :)  But oh my gosh I just want to eat him up, those eyes in the second picture are too much!

  • I think he could definitely be a pom. As was already said, a lot of pet quality poms are bigger than the standard and definitely don't have the coat like you see in the shows.  Cute boy!

  • Looks like a pet bred Pom. Very adorable one. Her fur almost makes her look like a black Papillon.

     This is my sister's Pom, Jazzy. She had her fur trimmed in this pic, but you can still see the difference in their body size and coat texture. But I'm guessing Jazzy was from a byb as well.

  • Looks like many of the pet poms I see as well. Lovely little dogSmile

  • I think he's a Willow mini-me!

    What about that breed Shipperke? 

  •  Yep, like everyone else is saying looks like a pet quality pom, which in my opinion look far cuter than what you see in the show ring... though that just might be because they remind me of papillons. XD  He looks adorable. =3

  • amazing the difference bone can make...my girl Nonnie is 14" and weighs around 18lbs! Yes Pom...pet bred, and out of coat for summer likely too. The coat might come in thicker with the winter and some better food than he left behind, and mroe of it from the looks of it!

    Is he neutered? that can change coat, and cause a dog to grow past their usual height, as well.

  •  I don't think he's a pure pom... A mix yes, pure, no.

    Anyway, he's adorable! 

  • He's at the very least a pom mix and too adorable!!!

    So, what have you decided to name him?


    ...What about that breed Shipperke? 

    My first thought was Schipperke/Pom mix.  But there's something that also reminds me of a Papillon.  Maybe Schipperke/Pap mix or Pom/Schip/Pap?

  • Thanks all for your replies. The vet said he was definitely a Pom.

    My daughter named him Hunter.  He likes his new name and responses to the name well.  We noticed that he liked to sit on people's laps and didn't like commercial grade pet food.  We started to feed him fresh cooked food with no seasoning.  He seems to attach to my daughter so much that he would cry when she leaves for school.  Hunter is doing well on leash and barks only when there is a stranger at the front door.


    I don't mean to be a stick in the mud, but are you sure that someone dumped him?

    Since he IS so attractive, and he likes people 's laps, and home cooking, maybe he is a neighbor's pet who got lost.

  • Talk about cute!

    Looks like a Pom or Pom/Papillon mix to me.