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My puppy looks like a fox! Any ideas?

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My puppy looks like a fox! Any ideas?
  • Hello everyone [:D]
    I have just registered so forgive me if something goes wrong! We have just bought a puppy about 2 1/2 months ago and we don't know what mix of breeds he is. I was wondering if anyone could help us? The man who sold him to us thought he was a pomeranian. He had bought the pup elsewhere where he thought he was being neglected or even abused. Jagger (the puppy) is very playful and curious, though still a little fearful. He is now almost 7 months and weights about 7.5 pounds. Here is a pic of him.
    Thank you very much for any help! It's appreciated!

  • He looks like a poorly bred pom or maybe a pom/ chi mix, to me. Very cute!
  • We thought maybe some Papillon too (due to the ears). Here is another pic.

  • Haha, he is SOOOO cute!

    Could be a little Papillion. Maybe Pom and Papillion?
  • I think he's probably a Chi Pom mix.  The ears look Chihuahua to me.  [linkhttp://www.doggy.net/images-rassen(J)/chihuahua.jpg]http://www.doggy.net/images-rassen(J)/chihuahua.jpg[/link]  Papillon ears have more feathering.  [linkhttp://www.dogsindepth.com/toy_dog_breeds/images/papillon_v03.jpg]http://www.dogsindepth.com/toy_dog_breeds/images/papillon_v03.jpg[/link]
  • Actually, I vote Chihuahua/Shetland Sheepdog.  That tail...looks all Sheltie to me!  If he was a Pom/Chi mix I'd expect the tail to curl over the back and look more spitz-like.  The dark coloring on his tail also reminds me a lot of Sheltie influence.  He's definitely a cutie!
  • ORIGINAL: Nikki_Burr
    Actually, I vote Chihuahua/Shetland Sheepdog....

    That was my first thought, too.  What a pretty little guy!
  • Another vote for sheltie - but I think Pom, maybe pom/chi and then sheltie.  Or, kind of wild and crazy, maybe some Pembroke Corgi?

    That is just the sweetest thing- I could just use her to sweeten my coffee . . .
  • Wow! Thanks for all the help! I searched for Sheltie/Pomeranian mixes and Jagger really looks like one. He might not be 50/50, but it doesn't matter!
  • My bf's parents have  pom/chi mix and he favors the chi side. Short hair, but his tail curls over his back at all times.
  • you're right it does look like a fox. so cute![:)]
  • I vote Papillon/Sheltie mix.  Coat is so long, and the sable color and tail says Sheltie.  Cute as a button whatever she is!
  • Hi, I'm pretty sure your dog is a sheltie/papillon mix. I have a sheltie/pom mix (I know for sure as I saw both parents) named Trooper, and she is a little rounder body-wise with ears that are shorter more pomeranian. I'm 100% sure your dog is part shetlie, and 60% sure your dog is part papillon.  Your dog's ears look very ;papillon. I don't think your dog has any pom in him. I DEFINITELY do not think he has any chihuahua at all, not even long-hair. I've tried to include Troop's pictures for comparison; I hope they go through.

  • Your dog looks more like a papillion mix than a pom mix to me.  I have a pom and for one, their tails are held curled up over their bodies and their ears are a LOT smaller.  She looks adorable though.  Congrats on your new addition
  • She looks like a Papillon mix to me!