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Beagle Border Collie Mix

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Beagle Border Collie Mix
  • We adopted a beagle-border collie mix through petfinder.com. He was from a litter rescued in Kentucky. We also saw one brother and sister in the litter at the time we completed our adoption. They looked more like standard beagle then our puppy "Jack". Anyone have an idea how big we should expect Jack to get. At our last vet visit he was 30 pounds and is now 6 months old. The vet mentioned that he may could have another mix in him. He does bray like a beagle on occasion and definetly puts his nose to the ground picking up scents when outside.

    Below are some photos of our beloved Jack. He is an awesome dog. We've trained him to ring a bell that hangs by our backdoor when he wants to go outside to play or go potty. We've also trained him to defecate and pee in one corner of the yard only. He also does the basics, sit on command, shake hands.

    Any info would be appreciated!
  • Sorry having problems uploading photos. Keep getting error message. I've checked image size and format, I'll keep trying...
  • Genetics is always a bit of a crap shoot and you can get a litter that all look like beagles except for one who looks like a border collie. But bitches can also mate with more than one dog and bear the offspring of both dogs (crazy, I know! Cats can do this too). 30 lbs at 6 months, I'd say you're on your way to a 50 lb. adult. Any possibility it wasn't beagle in the mix but Walker coonhound? They look like big overgrown beagles. 
  • Thanks. Coonhound is a possibility, vet suspected a hound involved in mix and mentioned what you said about bitches having multiple mates. Still unable to upload photos, send them as soon as it works.

    Any idea why photos not uploading? I've checked size (under 50k) and format (tried gif and jpeg). Keep getting message "error while saving to disk".
  • Just a test upload to see if I can help you figure out what's wrong....

    Hmmm...it's working for me. Is there a photo hosting site you can upload to (photobucket, imageshack, picasa, etc....) and hotlink from there?

  • Are you using a Mac? That's the error message I get if I try to upload through Safari. Firefox works though.
  • Your upload worked. I'm on an MAC running safari browser. Here are steps I'm following to upload:

    1) Clicking on "Click here to upload"
    2) Choosing file from desktop (gif or jpeg, each file under the max 200kb)
    3) Clicking "ok" then "error while saving to disk" message appears

    I tried placing cursor inside window where text appears and also dragging and dropping image, neither works.
  • I'll download Firefox and try that...
  • Yeah, it just doesn't work with Safari whatever you try, as far as I can figure out. Firefox is a great browser though, I've pretty much totally switched to it now.
  • Trying again with photos...

  • more photos...

  • Jack the lad when he was a puppy, just adopted...

  • Yay, it worked!

    He is ADORABLE, whatever his mix may be.
  • Thanks! He's a great puppy. Very unique markings. He even has a little white "earring" on one of his black ears. Between that and the "eyepatch" he reminded our daughter of a pirate. Hence the name Jack, as in Jack Sparrow.

    Anyone have tips regarding a puppy pulling out flowers? We've put plastic mesh around some areas but can't do the entire yard. Will he outgrow this? He pulls the heads off flowers and even the tomatoes off our tomato plants. Like a beagle he eats everything, we have to trail him around the yard. He grabs mulch, grass, twigs etc.
  • Welcome! We have had the same problem with our puppy this year. I finally gave up on the flowers and hope that he outgrows it by next summer. I would just double check to make sure there's nothing poisonous in the yard. I know that boxwood and ivy are bad, and I heard that the actual tomato plant can be poisonous. I'm sure there are others here that can give you a more extensive list. BTW, Jack is adorable!