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Is my dog a Pitbull/Welsh Corgi mix? (pics)

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Is my dog a Pitbull/Welsh Corgi mix? (pics)
  • when i first got her, i was TOLD she was a pitbull/corgi mix.  however, im not 100% certain to this day. 

    i have heard everything from dingo, ridgeback, to german shepherd mix.


    1 month old

    1 year old/13 months

    just for reference:
    American Pit Bull Terrier

    Pembroke Welsh Corgi

    what do you think?

    is pitbull/corgi accurate?
  • One thing, is that she's beautiful! She looks pretty large, how much does she weigh? I definitely DO NOT see corgi, at all actually. I'm not really sure, some people will come along with some good answers. I can understand pit, and maybe ridgeback.
  • thanks! 

    she's roughly 50-60lbs.  she really not that big,  the pics i took were really up close to the camera so it kinda made her look a bit bigger than she really is lol

    so u see pit and ridgeback... but not at all german shepherd? (i got a lot of GS from strangers)
  • I don't see ANY corgi in there, to be honest. It's *possible*, of course, but most corgi crosses tend to have shorter legs (not as short as a PB corgi, but shorter than usual), significant white markings, and a finer face than your dog. They also tend to be somewhat smaller- usually in the 40 pound range, max. Your girl is cute, though!     
  • She could be a full pit bull or a german shepherd mixed with pit.. 
  • thanks to those that responded so far...

    here is a short video clip i took of her playing outside after a rainy day (hope this makes it a bit easier to distinguish):

  • She is adorable! I love the puppie pictures, she looks like she is mostly Pitt Bull/ German Shepherd, she could have alot a little Lab, since that is a pretty common breed to be mixed with. whatever she is she's a cutie
  • nah, i don't see GSD. Her nose/face arent very long, and for the ears, they're not GSD ears. I'm getting ready to go to class, but i'll watch the video later and see what i think.
  • I see lab and something bully.
  • well since we don't have them here, dingo is out[;)]
  • I'm really thinking lab x pit, maybe with a little something else in there as well.  Beautiful dog!
  • I agree there is no Corgi in there.  I say Shar Pei mix instead of Pit.  I've seen many many SP mixes and they all had a similar face.  (They always lack the wrinkles of the pure SP).

    Here are some Shar Pei mixes on a Shar Pei rescue site (so I figure they know they are truly SP mixes)http://www.sharpeisavers.com/courtesylistings.htm  I can see similarities with your dog.
  • Does she have spots on the tongue?  Could be a chow pit bull mix.  I don't think she would have up ears if she was mixed with lab...
  • I don't see Shar Pei at all.  They have funny fur, especially on their faces, and tiny ears.  I think she is a pit mix, possibly pure pit.
  • I don't think there's any way she's pure pit bull. Pits have CHEEKS. Her face barely goes out wider than her muzzle. Honestly, I'm not sure I see any pit. She looks a bit like the pit on the cover of that book, at first glance, but once you really look at the shape of the head...I don't know.

    I don't really have a guess, other than not pure pit bull. [:D]
    Oh, no, I figured it out! She's one of those darn dorable dogs again. They usually leave you pretty stumped, til it hits you. [;)]
    She is super cute. I love the video.