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Hanging Tree Dogs?

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Hanging Tree Dogs?
  • Has anyone heard of a Hanging Tree Dog? There was an article in the local paper about them on Wednesday.  They are a working cattle dog that is a mix of several breeds.  Of course the reporter listed them as a BREED rather than a mix, but I have got to wonder: are they any better at this than ACDs or BCs?
  • If they were bred STRICTLY for working ability, there is no doubt in my mind that they are better than the BC or ACD *as a breed* when it comes to a working breed.  In every breed you will find diluted down dogs that could never do a days work, sadly.  BUT, if it isn't truly a breed that conformation people can take to dilute down into "prettiness", than it doesn't lose its working ability, which leads to a very good working dog.  Cattle ranchers need dogs to work.  Whether they are purebred or a mix does not matter to them.  The only thing that matters is that they live a good long life, and they can do their job faithfully every day until they die.
  • I am not sure Hanging Tree Dogs would really be  a "breed" at the moment, so much as a line that is starting to establish a stud book.  It started as a cross and I believe BCs and ACDs are still used.  The one I saw and the ones I have had described to me (dont know anything about the total numbers out there) are used primarily as cattle dogs.  The old Timex ad of "takes a lickin' and keeps on tickin" really describes the dogs.  At a clinic, the clinician stated many that he had seen were too hard for sheep.  The dog I saw was at that clinic trying to polish up for competition in sheep trials.  This dog would grip as a matter of course (may be a whole lot more necessary moving cattle in a feedlot).  They are often described as fast and hard.  Maybe more like working line kelpies. I have also been told, you can tell one when you see one, so type is being established.  Not sure folks who are not acustomed to seeing BCs would notice the difference. 
  • Hangin' Tree dogs refers to a particular line of working Australian Shepherds.  If you'd like to see some dogs that have that particular ancestry (as mine does), you can see some at [linkhttp://www.pinciecreek.com]www.pinciecreek.com[/link].
    There has been some consternation among Aussie stockdog breeders that the original working Australian Shepherd is disappearing.  If you look at the show dogs that win today, you will see copiously coated, block-headed, heavy boned dogs, NOT the lithe, medium coated, smallish dogs of yesteryear.  They don't have a prayer in the breed ring.  In the 60's and 70's photos of show dogs, you still see them, and many working dogs had dual titles, Champion in front of their name, and Working Trial Champion after.
    ASCA is the registry that working dogs use, for the most part.  AKC for show dogs.  Some are dual registered, and there is a move among some breeders to add working lines to their show breeding programs.  That may have more to do with trying to eliminate epilepsy from the breed - working lines seem to have less of it.
    But people who want stockdogs that can really work cattle (or ducks or sheep) usually pick from working lines like: Hangin' Tree, Slash V, Hardin's, Twin Oaks (but not if they hate barking LOL), Pincie Creek, Copper Canyon, etc. 
  • more than one type,  this is the type I was referring to.
  • Mrv, these are the same sort I was talking about. 
  • Those are obviously not Aussies and likely have nothing to do with the original Hangin' Tree dogs.  While it's admirable for a stockdog to head and heel cattle, I'm not sure you have to create a whole new breed to get dogs that will do that.  Working Aussies can do just fine at that job.
    See this site, too, for some great working dogs:
  • [linkhttp://www.lavellefarms.com/Hangin%20Tree%20webthumbs/pages/Hangin%20tree%20dogs%20cover.1.htm]http://www.lavellefarms.com/Hangin%20Tree%20webthumbs/pages/Hangin%20tree%20dogs%20cover.1.htm[/link]
    I found this article about Hangin Tree dogs as I did a google search.  (Since I herd as my primary dog activity, I find herding stuff quite interesting.)  I think one of the main differences that has happened with this breeding program is the inclusion of a multi-purpose dog (the Cat) to gain some size and specific temperment traits.  Since Cat's have been used for wild boar etc. that absolute fearlessness and the trailing ability (for cattle in scrub) is how these dogs are different.  I would assume that "hunting" instinct was part of what the Ericsons were looking for.
  • here is the link to the thumbnails, much easier for navigation purposes.
  • hijacking to include another "manufactured" herding dog.   I love this stuff, even though I am staying with my Belgians [:)]
  • Personally, I wish Gary Ericcson had not used "Hangin' Tree" to name his crossbred dogs.  It's confusing to people who aren't familiar with stockdogs or Aussies.  The original HT dogs were all Aussies. 
    He got out of Aussies a while back and his current operation breeds mixed breds that do a great job working cattle, but aren't Aussies.  However, many are descended from one of his original HT dogs, Hangin' Tree Black Bear, an ASCA registered Australian Shepherd. 
  • Sorry to hijack, but mrv, do have Tervurens?  I just love all the Belgian Shepherds.  I had the opportunity to meet my first Groenendael at a show a few weeks ago and I absolutely fell in love.  She was calm, confident and sweet, not to mention gorgeous! [:)]
  • Yup  after 25+ misguided years in dobermans,  I realized I had been looking for belgians all my adult life.  I have a tervuren and previously co-own a malinois.  Had a puppy for awhile, but returned her due to health problems.  Looking for a new malinois puppy bitch.  Likely have a Laekenois some day.  Dont think I will do  a black dog, just get way to hot herding in the summer.
  • Did some more research and Gary Erikson did start the Hangin Tree Cow Dogs with an aussie and an bc as the stud dogs.  The type is not appearing to set, but the registry is linked to working ability.  It must be demonstrated by judgement of actual work or video tape.