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Whaddya think my pup is? ;)

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Whaddya think my pup is? ;)
  • We rescued Dolce from the shelter last Wednesday...she's such a sweetheart!  A little background on her, she supposedly came from a home with way too many dogs...some guy brought her in and said he couldn't take care of them all.  I suspect he brought in a litter, because there were other pups the same exact age with similar body styles, color etc.  Anyway Dolce is a 6-8 month brindle/white Mastiff mix (they told us) who is so very sweet, and a little shy too.  She absolutely LOVES my children (2 girls, ages 4 years and 7 months) and me and my husband.  She follows me all over the house and just wants to be pet.  We took her to the vet for her 5 day check up on Tuesday, and she was VERY scared of the doctor.  The vet was a very tall older male, and she was very skittish/nervous around him. (She does absolutely fine with my hubby, she doesn't seem handshy at all).  We think that she was just dumped in the backyard with no one taking care of her, she doesn't seem like she was beat but it doesn't seem she was taken care of either (she has no manners, not housebroken, can't sit yet, etc.).  I have an almost 3 year old male mutt-mix, and they do fine together.  I also have 2 cats, she tries to play with them but they don't like it lol.  She has HUGE paws, and when she runs she looks like a moose LOL!

    Anyway, was wondering all your thoughts about what you think she is?  When we adopted her she weighed 40lbs, then 5 days later she weighed 45.1lbs.  The doctor said she's about 6-8 months and won't get any taller than she is now, said she might fill out.  He said she could have pit in her, as well as a little Boxer.  From what I've read she has many of the traits of the American Mastiff, and Boxer.  She loves kids, and she is already protective of us and the house.  I am walking her every day to get her used to the leash (she was never put on one before) as well as to socialize her with other people and pets.  Would love your input :)  Thanks!! 

         Dolce on the left, hanging out with our other dog Lucius

    Her beautiful brindle coloring, and big brown eyes.


    Her coloring from the front-her chest, paws, neck and tip of her tail are where she has patches of white, with little spots.

    All stretched out in front of our fireplace...notice her long, skinny tail?  It curls up...

    Her ears are like this 75% of the time...which makes me think pit bull.  Other times though (especially when she's alert, or hears a sound) they are big and flop over...

    Like this...

    And this...

  • TalleyFamily
    was wondering all your thoughts about what you think she is?

    I think she is adorable.  Thank you for adopting her.  Big Smile

  • Big Smile

  • I'm not good at breed guesses but wanted to agree with Barb about what an adorable dog she is and to welcome you to the forum.  :)  

  • JackieG

    I'm not good at breed guesses but wanted to agree with Barb about what an adorable dog she is and to welcome you to the forum.  :)  


    Thanks! :)

  • Aww she is adorable ! Sorry no guess's here :) love the streched out pic.

  • I am not a good breed guesser but I would say she is from the "lucky puppy" breed :)  Welcome!

  •  There's something sort of beaglish/houndish about her face in some pictures.  Could be a bit of beagle or another hound in there along with pit bull or AmStaff or something like that.

    Whatever she is, she's beautiful!

  • She looks to me like a greyhound/boxer mix! Her ears, long tail, and legs look greyhoundish to me.
  • Even the genetic tests are very faulty -- it's likely she's purebred "big brown & white dog mix".  LOL

    From the bottom my heart I applaud you for taking a dog SO untrained.  That is absolutely awesome and it would have earned her a quick trip to euthanasia in most shelters.

    You rock!!


  • Thanks for the replies!  I just noticed too there were more replies to this thread...


    crysania-I too think she may have some kind of hound in her-maybe Pointer too??  She doesn't have the "howling" of a hound dog, she is VERY throaty and barks really deep...deeper than my 3 year old male lol!  She sounds very menacing but she is SUCH a sweetie!


    jettababy-I can see Greyhound.  She walks kinda funny-not like something is wrong with her, but when she walks it's very prominent.  Also when she wags her tail, it's not just her tail her whole BUTT wags with it lol!  She's very "muscly" in her hindquarters.


    I can tell she's already gotten bigger just since these pics were taken.  She's really starting to fill out and get more muscle!  She's still as sweet as ever, gets along MARVELOUS with the whole family, and her leash training is going pretty well too :)  She sits quite well now!

  • I think she is adorable! At the top of the page there is a button you can click on for notification of replies. I am new here but I think you have to click on it each time you go to a post. I wish there was a way to make it automatic all the time but I have not figured that out yet.
  • I think he is a mix of a pit bull and either a whippet or grey hound

  •  If I encounter stray dogs I remain very cautious and careful.