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Mini Border Collies? Is there such a thing?

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Mini Border Collies? Is there such a thing?
  • I mean, I'm sure they exist.....but, are they a 'real breed'? like the mini aussies? We have a dog at the shelter, he's been with us for a while with a 'foot thing' (he has no foot, so we got him a fake one). He's a really cool dog, and everything about him screams border collie - looks, attitude, personailty, energy level, etc. Except, he only weighs 28 pounds! You can easily pick him up, and he loves to be carried like a baby. I have a rediculous picture of the two of us that I will not post, but it is funny (ok, I look rediculous)....

    here he is with Casey, so you can see the size (Casey weighs about 13-14 lbs)

    He looks a lot bigger than Casey here, so maybe this isn't the best shot... he's really about the same size, I think it's cause Trooper is fluffier


  • Nope, not a "real" breed, but I do know they are breeding BC's smaller and smaller so they can run in lower jump heights.  When I was at the Invitational in 06, someone told me there was a BC in her area jumping in the 12 jump height.  I'd guess there are also advantages for smaller BC's in flyball.  BC-Jack X's are also common, again for flyball and nonAKC agility.  <sigh>

  •  28 pounds is not undersized.  I have a friend who has a young female (looking for a home by the way, anyone?) that weighs about 25 pounds.  She's not super short though. 

    I have a very petite female right here - I think she may weigh 22 pounds soaking wet.  And she is short, probably no more than 17 1/2 inches tall.  She is purebred fore sure, and bred for work, not sport - she is an import from Wales and is ISDS registered. 

    And then there was the famous Jen.  She is also bred from working lines, and was 15 1/2 inches tall.  She wasn't dwarf, or stunted, she was perfectly proportioned, just incredibly petite.

    Here's a pic I have of my normal sized BC Ben going over a homemade jump (these are the sorts of things you do when you have BCs - I practiced flyball in my living room!), and Jen going over the same jump - the two pics spliced together.


    ETA:  Your pup looks like a Mini Aussie, actually - but it could be a mix.  Or, a Pom/BC mix.  It's not the size, it the shape of the head and the big eyes that screams "toy dog."

  • might he be a sheltie mix? 

  •  This topic makes me wonder, when does different sizing of a breed become legit?  When did miniature poodles, schnauzers, etc. stop being a breed aberration and become okay and accepted?

  • hmm... I guess I just thought he was much smaller than the normal because the bc pup we have now is about 24 lbs, and only 5 months old.

    I had thought mini-aussie, but I didn't think aussie's came in black/white, but I haven't read too much into it. I thought maybe bc/sheltie mix, but that doesn't seem right to me.

    He was a stray, so we have no idea what went on with him or where he came from. BC's are not too prevelent around here, so maybe he is an aussie. A friend of mine has a mini-aussie, and I suppose I can see the similarities between the two boys.

    He's a great boy... I really want to keep him, but I can't take on another dog right now. Fingers crossed he gets a home this weekend!

  • I know a couple 25-30 lb border collies. Most we get in here, though, are 50+ lbs. One thing, though.... that dog imo looks like a sheltie/border collie mix. Maybe I'm crazy, though!
  • I don't know about mini-Aussies, but standard Aussies come in what they call black bi.  Or is it bi-black?  Tongue Tied My friend has one that is about 25 pounds - but she is not a mini.  Here she is with two of her long-time housemates:  http://www.angelfire.com/nc2/Mestena/index.html

  • hmm.... I looked up Mini Aussies, and Aussies - From what I could find, only the standard aussies can be black/white, not the minis. But I'm sure it could happen. Interesting.

  • Looks like a Sheltie mix to me.


  •  Given those p rick ears and the size, I'm thinking a spitz mix.

    German spitz 

    ETA: oh for goodness' sake, you can't say P R I C K?  LOL! 

  • erica1989

    hmm.... I looked up Mini Aussies, and Aussies - From what I could find, only the standard aussies can be black/white, not the minis. But I'm sure it could happen. Interesting.


     Considering that mini Aussies are just small Aussies, it certainly is a possibility. I don't think he looks like a BC so much, even though have a wide range of looks just something about his head and expression don't say BC to me.

  • Face and expression say sheltie to me. Face shape is just so much like my badly bred sheltie... And remember, shelties come in bi-black as well.
  •  Mini border collie?





    All those are shelties.  This is a sheltie mix that looks kind of like a border collie:



  • Not a Spitz mix (there are just not that many Spitz in the US- but there are millions of Big Poms of poor breed type which have reverted to the larger size and less toy-ish face of their ancestor, the Spitz)- but I'd not be at ALL surprised if that dog was a Pom mix!