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malinois colors

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malinois colors
  • what are the differences in color for a malinois? (fawn, mahogany, red, red sable, fawn sable). how much color changing can be expected as they grow? please post pics of the colors if you can.
  • I would like to know the answer to this also. I am interested in the tervuren, and the colors are the same just long coated like the belgian. I know that they get much darker with age, but that is all I know. Can someone answer this question or direct us to a good web site to describe the colors?

  • Originally there was even more variation with brindle being quite common.  The variations in all belgians include a grey (which can be a very pale fawn to a "whiter" fawn).  There is also a black short coat as well.  You can check out the discussion board at www.sitstay.com , the ABMC web page, the ABTC web page, the United Belgian Shepherd club (of the US UKC), the Belgian Shepherd website of the UKC United Kingdom.  A web search on color in belgian shepherds is likely to yield some information.

    The black overlay is expected to darken over time.  Most belgians get darker with age.  The most striking greys I have seen come out of black dog litters, rather than terv litters.

  • Thank you mrv. I was just searching the archives here and saw some of your previous posts. I will be looking for you here in the future, thanks for the great leads.

  •  We have an 11 month old Groen. (kujo) and a 5month old Terv.(luca), he started off quite light coloured but is getting more red

    and darker as he grows - his mum and grandmum are beautiful rich red in colour and his dad is a Grey, and Luca has a

    Grey patch on his chest. 

  • Piccies

    Aria & Jamal - parents 


    Luca 7.5 weeks 


    Luca 4 months 




  • mrv

    A web search on color in belgian shepherds is likely to yield some information.

    all i have found is a description of the colors, i haven't found any pics to associate with them. what one breed calls red, another calls fawn, what one breed calls sable another calls red. i have seen so much discrepency in color names from one breed to the next. in addition that FCI standard for mals only allows for fawn. so would a dog that AKC considers mahogany still be a fawn under FCI terms? what's the difference between mahogany and sable?
  • http://www.belgiandogs.org/fambsd.htm  some pics provided

    http://bowlingsite.mcf.com/Genetics/ColorGen.html  text information

     http://bowlingsite.mcf.com/Genetics/ColorGen.html   text information (this is likely one of the most knowledgable belgian folk in the US)

     http://www.users.bigpond.com/belgianshepherds/Colour%20Inheritance.htm  some pics (graphics rather than photos)

    http://www.malinut.com/meet/#nav  another very knowledgable belgian person, especially malinois

     more photos  http://users.skynet.be/van.balderlo/Photogallery.html

     more photos  http://www.eternity.se/mal.htm

     sable is generally "less red"  mahogany is "more red"  fawn is typically tannish, yellowish to so pale a yellow it is almost "white" hence the "grey" dog: sable is also used to describe the grey dogs as well.  The color variations appear in all varieties of belgian shepherds and lines are more likely to influence color than variety by itself.  I also know of "blue" malinois, as well as a "black and tan" malinois (almost like points).

  • Kojos Mum I love the photos. Great looking parents!

    mrv, thanks for those websites! I'll check them out!

  • WOW!! thank you for all those sites, mrv. definitely gives me some reading to do.