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Scottish Terriers
  • I have recently become the proud owner of a wonderful 3 month old Scottie dog and was wondering if any of you have any experiences with them?  I read all the breed characteristics and I purchased a Scottish Terrier book but I was just wondering what some of you had to say about them.  We've had her for four days now and she seems like a quick learner.  Other than peeing in the living room right after her walks.. When should I begin taking her to the groomer's?  What kind of brushes do you need for terriers?  I read that you're supposed to "strip" them or something.  Is that best left up to the pros or is it something I can easily learn?  Just any info will help.  Do you find them to be quick learners and what's the best way to handle them?  Thanks everyone!  Also she's not much of a barker now, is that going to change?  I keep reading they're fiesty but she isn't very fiesty yet...
  • RE:  Grooming
    I have had a Scottie in the past (for about 10 years) and now have a 8 month old male.  We use a comb on him on a daily basis
    or as often as we can just to keep the tangles and knots out of his coat.  A pin brush is also helpful, but I find the comb
    does a better job.  I think you will "know" when it's time to go to the groomer - they tend to get "fluffy" or "raggedy" looking. 
    It's always good to take a puppy to the groomer so they get used to what needs to be done - that's also why combing or
    brushing them on a daily basis is helpful so they are used to be handled in that manner and look forward to being brushed. 
    Stripping is the way to go with Scotties.  It is not something you can do on your own very easily.  Because of their two layers
    in their coats and the fact that they do not shed, they are prone to skin problems if they are not maintained properly.  I have found
    that if you are in a small town as opposed to a larger city, it is hard to find a groomer that will do the proper stripping. 
    Other groomers will tell you that they only do "pet cuts" or that you do not need to have them stripped unless you have a "show dog",
    or that stripping is too hard on the dog.  Please be persistent in your search for someone who will take care of her coat properly
    unless you want problems in the future.  I have heard that if you get a pet cut which just cuts the top layer (hard coat) off, it will not
    grow back properly.   
    Our first Scottie was not a very vocal dog - he loved us and other people and animals equally - some say Scotties tend to be one
    or two person dogs and don't really like other people, but I have not found that to be true.   Our current baby is much more
    vocal and also loves everyone - may just be how you raise them. 

  • Is a pin brush the same as a slicker brush?  Actually we were going to take her to Petco tomorrow for the "puppy grooming package" to get her use to the groomers.  She came from a pet shop/groomer where I do believe they were groomed on a regular basis.  I'll be sure to ask if they know how to properly groom Scotties before I go to Petco though.  I did read that they do need proper trimming and such to look their best.  I don't know how I feel about that little "skirt" that they have.  Does your's have one?  They seem like they'd get messy really quickly.  Thanks for the suggestions!
  • This is quite an old post for me to be replying to, but am new to this forum and am looking for fellow scottie owner's! I have always had scotties and have two right now. Saw your post and was wondering how you are doing with your scottie dog? I know you posted this in 07 so you may not even be aroudn anymore....