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APBT and rules to Pit fighting

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APBT and rules to Pit fighting

  •                              American Pit Bull TerrierI wanted to do this a little different.I'm sure you all could look up where the breed came form and what the standard is.I want to tell you what the breed did and how it was done.As you know the APBT gets alot of bad press for fighting,but did you know they use to hold fights with rules and dogs earned titles.Fighting back then was not about killing.Just as a student of the Greyhound should learn something about dog-racing in order to more fully understand his breed and how it evolved,so should the person with a serious interest in the pit bull learn something about dog-fighting.If he finds the subject personally repugnant,he will "bite the bullet"and learn about it anyway,for if he really wants to understand the breed,he must learn the conditions of it's formation.
    What you most likley know about the breed.Mr C.B Bennet.a renowned Sportsman and Fancier,as well as Breeder,organized a stud book and registering office in 1898. He designated the breed name to be American Pit Bull Terrier.(APBT).Mr Bennet also established rules governing the pitting of dogs and set up the official breed standard as it stands today.
    The APBT is considered to be the most powerful dog, pound for pound ever developed,even though they are also known for their devotion and steady temperment with humans.The versatility of the breed is perhaps it's most outstanding feature.
    APBT-the direct desendant of countless generations of game dogs.Altho primarily famed as a fighter without equal,this breed has proved to be useful in predatory animal control and as a catch dog and guard dog-and it just happens that he makes an excellent house dog!
    American Staffordshire Terrier-The show counterpart of the APBT.Except for some of the game strains that are dual-registered.
    pit-bull-another nickname for the APBT,one that has been used for at least 200 years.
    Staffordshire Terrier-Former AKC name for the American Staffordshire Terrier.
    Yankee Terrier-A name that was concocted when the AKC refused to register the APBT under it's own name.For some reason this name too,was rejected.
    What you might not know.
    The UKC used to hold Sanctioned pit fights and they had rules and titles.
    Rules Governing Recognized Pit Contests.
    Whereas.It is the aim of the United Kennel Club Registering Office,it's members and the APBT Fraternity,to place" Pit Contest" upon a Recognized plane of Excellence and promote more and better contests,the Following rules have been adopted by the Fraternity and UKC Registering Offices.
    1.Pit Contest to be recognized must employ a UKC licensed referee.
    2.The principals may select any licensed UKC referee in good standing.
    3.The Principals may select any fancier for the official timekeeper,but the selection must meet with the approvel of the referee.
    4.A licensed referee shall not preside over any"Pit Contest" where one or both of the combat dogs are non-UKC registered "Cur" bloodlines.
    5.The combat dogs must be UKC registered in their rightful owner's name and the referee shall make sure of this and be in possession of their registration certificates durning the contest.
    6.The referee shall deliver to the UKC Registering Office a full and complete report of the contest within 5 days after the contest.
    7.Any dog winning 3 moneyed contests held under these rules and presided over by the UKC licensed referee,shall have the degree of Champion conferred upon him by the UKC Registering Office and the Pit Bull Terrier Fraternity.
    8.It shall be the duty of the official timekepper to keep a correct record of the time consumed in the contest by scratches,etc.,and he shall deliver the original time sheet(or a duplicate) to the referee immediately after the contest to be sent to the UKC registering office for record.It shall also be the duty of the official time keeper to call to the referee before the 25 seconds"Get Ready" and the 30 seconds"Let Go", and the referee shall act accordingly.
    9.The full amount of the contest money shall be in the hands of the final stake holder before the referee shall order the dogs weighted.The referee shall order the dogs weighted 1 hour before the contest and they shall be weighted in the presence of the referee and the final stake holder of either dog exceeding the weight specified in the agreement shall forfeit then and there to his opponent all money posted.
    10. After weighting the dogs the referee shall toss a coin for the Principals and the Principals winning the toss shall have his choice of haveing his dog washed (first or last)also his choice of the corner in the "Pit"
    11.Each Principal shall furnish a sponge and two towels for washing and drying his opponents dog.Both dogs shall be washed in the center of the Pit with warm water and washing soda.15 minutes shall be allowed each Principal to wash his opponents dog.The time between washing each dog shall not exceed 5 minutes.
    12. After washing and drying each dog shall be placed in the hands of a watchful fancier in the corner of the Pit selected or assigned to him and kept there untill the Principals are given the word "Let Go" by the referee.Each Principal shall "let go" his opponents dog at the start and thereafter shall handle their own dog.13.There shall be only one container of water in the "Pit" for sponging between a "pick up" and a "scratch" and each Principal shall furnish a sponge 2 towels for sponging and drying his dog.The referee shall examine the sponges and water and have full charge of them at all time.14.It shall be a fair"scratch in turn" contest.30 seconds shall be allowed between every "pick up" and "scratch" 25 seconds for sponging,drying and fanning,and 5 seconds to get ready.15.To establish a fair"turn"which will entitle either Principal to "pick up".Both dogs must be free from holds and the dog which is accused of "turning" must have turned his head and shoulders from his opponent.Either Principal upon noticing this action may appeal to the referee and claim the "Turn" and if the claim be just and fair the referee shall immediately call a "pick up" and notify the other Principal it is his turn to scratch.16.At 25 seconds the referee shall call"get ready" and at 30 seconds he shall call"let go"and the Ptincipal of the dog to scratch shall take his hands off his dog fair of his "scratch" his dog must go across the "pit" inside his opponents"scratch line" and mouth his opponent.Should the dog fail to go across and mouth his opponent he loses the con test and the refereee shall immediately announce the winner.17.While ons dog is "scratching" the opponent shall hold his dog's head and shoulders fair between his legs just inside the "scratch line".18.Should a dog while'scratching"become confused and sway to either side of the direct line to his opponent as long as he does not turn his head away from his opponent he is making a fair"scratch"19.Should any outsider attract the dogs attantion while "scratching" and the dog,stop,or "scratch" the article or object instaed of his opponent,the referee shall immediately order the dog :scratched"over.20.Should either dog become fanged,the referee shall order a "pick up" and allow the principal to unfang his dog, then immediately order them put down two feet apart and give the word"let go".This action does not have  any connection with a "turn" or "scratch" and must not be considered so.Principals can un-fang their dogs with their hands without picking them up if the referee so decides.21.Should a fair"turn and pick up" be made and the dogs accidentally get in a hold again,the referee shall order them parted and proceed in 30 seconds with the "scratch".22.Principals shall be allowed to encourage their dogs by voice and actions.Should a Principal touch either dog with his hand,foot or other article while in action the the referee shall immediately call a foul ans announce his opponent the winner.23.Principals shall take their hands off their dogs fair inside their "Scratch line".Should a principal push his dog over his "scratch line" the referee shall immediately call a foul and announce his opponent the winner.24.Should a Principal pick his dog up without being told to by the referee.the referee shall immediately call a foul and announce his opponent the winner.25.Should a Ptincipal leave his corner before the dogs have resumed action, the referee shall immediately call a foul and announce his opponent the winner.26.Under no circumstances where a match is made and money posted,shall the money be returned without a contest.The Principal appearing for the shall be declared  the winner and receive the "stake" money.27.Should interference of any kind prevent a fair decisive contest, the Principals and the referee shall name the next time and place for the contest(within 15 days).Should the Principals and the referee fail to agree upon the future meeting place, it shall then be the duty of the referee to name the time and place and the same referee shall preside over this unfinished contest and the principals and the referee shall start this contest with "rule 3"28.Any persons or persons found guilty of doping,faking,poisoning or attempting to dope,fake,poison or damage any dog or dogs,before,durning or after the contest,shall forfeit all money,fined $100 and be barred from the APBT Fraternity for a period of 3 years ,and a full report of such action shall be printed 2 times each year for a period 3 years in the June and Dec.Issues of the UKC official Journal,Bloodlines.29.In all recognized contests the decisions of the UKC licensed Referee shall be final and all bets shall go as the "main stakes".30.The "Pit" shall be 16 ft.square with sides two and one half feet high,with a tight wood floor.A line shall be painted across the center,also a scratch line painted across each Principals corner.To draw this scratch line, measure 7 ft out each way from the corner.My hope is that when reading this you learn that APBT where not bred to be an engine of distruction.I can sympathize with you and understand why you feel the way you do,but you do not know the breed! It would be hard to find a dog with a more dependable disposition with people.If raised in the house from puppyhood,an APBT will be a delightful house pet,amusing,roguish,and unbelievably lovable.
  • Awesome, thanks a bunch! One thing I have never understood is why do the owners wash eachother's dogs?
    Those rules are a lot different then cajun rules!
  • ORIGINAL: sheprano
    Awesome, thanks a bunch! One thing I have never understood is why do the owners wash eachother's dogs?
    Those rules are a lot different then cajun rules!

    Drugs,just in case I put something on my dog that would inhibit your dog from fighting to it's fullest.
    This way if I wash yours and you wash mine ,we know there is nothing on each others dog. 
  • ORIGINAL: rutylr

    ORIGINAL: sheprano
    Awesome, thanks a bunch! One thing I have never understood is why do the owners wash eachother's dogs?
    Those rules are a lot different then cajun rules!

    Drugs,just in case I put something on my dog that would inhibit your dog from fighting to it's fullest.
    This way if I wash yours and you wash mine ,we know there is nothing on each others dog.

    I just read this very reason the other day.
    As much as I do not condone fighting pit bulls, I still read about it to gather information about my breed's history. I love this breed and want to educate myself with ALL things involving the history of this breed, not just the good things.
  • One must know ones past to move forward.
    Being blind to it(as so many do)will not make it go way.
  • ORIGINAL: rutylr

    One must know ones past to move forward.
    Being blind to it(as so many do)will not make it go way.

    very true Donna..Great post! [sm=wink2.gif]
  • Do you know what are the weight limitations for fighting dogs?  Can a 100lb dog fight a 35lb dog?  If you're in a metric/kilo country I appologize.  Does anyone know where I can find this information?
  • There is no weight limit per se as long as the person can find someone with a dog the same weight as theirs is.  Many times before the actual fight the prospective handlers meet and discuss the place, time, who will referee the match, how many people can be there, and at what weight the dogs will be matched at.  So if you have a 40 lbs dog and the other guys dog is 30 lbs you would say 35 lbs.  There are "keeps" or training regimens the people use to get their dogs to this weight.  It's basically like an army boot camp.  Each day is marked out with so many miles of walking, so many minutes of treadmill work, a specific diet, etc.  At the day of the match the dogs are weighed and if either dog is over or under that person may have to pay a forfeit if the other person doesn't want to or feels their dog can't handle a dog at that weight. 
    A 100 lbd dog wouldn't be fought because they would tire out way before a 35 lbs dog.
    People are probably wondering how I know all this? lol [color=#ff0000]NO I do not fight my dogs and nor do I advocate or condone such things.  I've been in the breed (APBTS) for 3 years and I've had the great help of a friend who has been in the breed way longer then me and I was able to meet some of the greats of the breed; Frank Rocca, Tom Garner, Ed Faron.[/color]
    Before I even got an APBT I studied and researched everything I could find on the breed, the good bad and ugly.
    Also I wanted to add just because a person uses a treadmill to exercise their dog or has a springpole doesn't mean they are dog fighters.  I get so mad when I watch Animal Planet and ANYONE with a treadnill and APBTS is a dog fighter.  One of my female APBTS is very active and I just can not exercise enough to burn off all the energy she has, so my brother built her a springpole.  She plays for hours on it and she is a happier, healthier dog.  When I am able I am going to purchase an electic treadmill for MYSELF most of all BUT I can see myself letting the dogs run off some excess energy as well.