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McNabb Border Collie?

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McNabb Border Collie?
  • I was watching the Ultimate Dog Challenge on Animal Planet, and one of the dogs is a McNabb Border Collie. She's beautiful! Very leggy, lean, and graceful. I've heard the name, but I don't think I've ever seen one. Are they a seperate breed from Border Collies? She had a smooth coat, but I know regular BCs come that way, too....
  • Maybe he was a McNab mixed with BC?  McNab is a separate breed. http://www.flyballdogs.com/personal/mcnab.html
  • Actually, it looked a lot like those dogs. I wonder why they were calling it a BC? She was something else, to watch. Absolutely gorgeous dog. 
  • From reading thru that info posted, it sounds to me that they are pritty much Border Collies - just a certian bloodline of BCs. All of the ansestors are all BCs, but the man who imported them and then bred then futher was very selective about breeding only the smooths due to the conditions in which they needed to work. To seperate his dogs, it mostly sounds like he started calling them McNabs, therefore the McNab BC. What do others think?
  • Wonder what the red fox shepherd mentioned, is?
    They look like a tight tight linebreeding on a few BC's along with these fox shepherds...which might even be red BC's themselves? Hard to say without any pics of one!
  • Or heck they could even be more BC's of a red color bred by someone named Fox? lol....
  • I dunno what a red fox shepherd is, but the McNab is an old breed - it actually precedes the Border collie breed - dating back to the time when the very first of the "trial bred" dogs were imported into the US and Australia (as opposed to the proto-collies which are the base of English shepherds, Australian shepherds, "German" coolies in Australia, NZ heading dogs, and of course the British collie dogs).

    The story of the McNab is similiar to the much-wider distributed Kelpie.  A few talented dogs founded a line of dogs with highly specific working abilities.  They are named after the guy who imported them.  The dogs that were imported were smooth coated, prick eared Border collies (except there was no such thing at the time - they were just "collies" or "sheepdogs").  They were pretty popular in California for a while.   They were called McNabs to distinguish them from the wide variety of "sheepdogs" that were scattered about and interbred freely.

    They look like Border collies but their working style harks back to the old fashioned collie.  They also have "farm dog" instincts - watchdog, tending, and the ones that are bred true to the original standards will even go out to the gun.

    They are sort of a curiosity now though they are getting more popular again.  We see a McNab every so often at the stockdog trials and a good one can give the BCs a run for their money in the lower classes.  If one could make it to Open, having one Registered on Merit would be a good way to get some old blood back into the studbook, just as incorporating the Beardies does.
  • They sound like fascinating dogs. I hope that I get to meet one, sometime.

    Where can I go to look up herding dog events? I'd LOVE to see THAT!
  • How's that work...would they be able to interbreed with BC's?...they sound really tightly bred (and even somewhat regional/isolated) and that can only go on so long so surely something else has been being added since? I saw reference to maybe 12 dogs or less in the article as the base?