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What breed(s) is cute little Benji?

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What breed(s) is cute little Benji?
  • Benji is from the dog rescue I volunteer with. He is looking for a forever home. He was a HUGE hit at the adoption event yesterday, but didn't find a home. Everyone said "oh, he's SO cute!" or "what kind of dog is he?"

    Benji is about 9 months old and is small (approximately 11 pounds). He has a very gorgeous long Grey and White coat that is very soft. I think he normally has long hair on his face, but someone has trimmed it off. He seems to be very low shedding. His tail curls over his back. He is taller and has a little bit longer muzzle than your typical Shih Tzu. He is super sweet and friendly. He gets along GREAT with other dogs and cats. He LOVES to play and is very smart.

    Our best guess is Benji's a Shih Tzu mix, but it was also brought up a couple times that he looks sort of like a Havanese, Lhasa Apso, Powder Puff Chinese Crested or Tibetan Spaniel.

    What breed of dog(s) do you think Benji is?

    Thanks! hug

    Pictures of Benji -



  • Besides absolutely adorable?  I see Lhasa Apso and Poodle.

  • He looks all Havanese, to me---muzzle, coat type---what a darling.

  •  Something in his face says "hairy" Powderpuff. I don't see any Tzu.

  • tiffy
      Something in his face says "hairy" Powderpuff. I don't see any Tzu.

     Of course!  powder Puff Chinese Crested!  That so explains why he appealed to me.  Lhasa wasn't sitting quite right in my brain, but I couldn't think of what sat right.  I'm still thinking there's some Poodle in there, too.

  • Could be Powderpuff, but something about the eye shape and ears still says Havanese for me---there's a lot of Havanese in our neck of the woods.  Here's a comparison (another Petfinder cutie)