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Finnish Lapphunds and Icelandic Sheepdogs

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Finnish Lapphunds and Icelandic Sheepdogs
  • Anyone have experience with either breed? I love the herders and in all likelihood will have another for my next 'bigger' dog, but since getting Mia I am realizing that I do love a slightly more challenging type of dog. I'm really starting to fall for the spitz types, especially the herding type spitz. After all paps likely have a touch of spitz in them and shelties have spitz roots. I guess it makes sense. ;)
  • I went to a seminar recently where someone brought an Icelandic Sheepdog.  It seemed to be a confident little dog. I was quite taken with it in general, except I'm told they are a bit barky;-)


  • I've heard that too! I am a weirdo in that barkiness doesn't bother me in the slightest. It might be because I was raised by shelties...
  •  I have a Finnish Lapphund. Quite possibly the sweetest dog on the planet. He's pretty special. I've met about a dozen Lappies, now. It is a great breed. They are just so cuddly and gentle and laid back, but still plays tug and that kind of thing. I really like the combination of herding and spitz temperaments. Kivi Tarro is generally easy to train and easy to get along with and does what he's told, but he has his spitz moments where he's like "Eh, I don't wanna." I adore him and I think I will have another Lappie, which is saying a lot for me. It's the only breed I currently feel that way about.

    Kivi is very friendly, but calm. He's the kind of dog everyone thinks they want. He makes friends wherever he goes and the more people and dogs he's with the happier he is. He is confident, but submissive, and seems to get along with everyone. He's also drop dead gorgeous. Wink He doesn't need much exercise for a herding breed and his coat is easier to look after than it looks. 

    We also have a Swedish Vallhund, which is more herder than spitz, but he's pretty fun as well. I'm into the Nordic herders. Smile They tend to be very companionable and adaptable. 

    This is Kivi Tarro:


  • I currently have a Cocker (American) and Shiloh Shepherd. After having one Shiloh, I couldn't live without another when that one died. The breed is "mine" I guess, although I have always loved Cockers too. Within two weeks of losing my first SS dog, I had another -- I can't imagine life without her either. However, I also have wondered what it would be like to have a spitz-type herding dog too. While I love the SS and Cocker (my 4th), I don't think I will be able to physically or financially handle another giant breed dog in my lifetime and have wondered if going to a medium sized herder would work out for me and have admired the Finnish Lapphund for quite awhile. They're really quite gorgeous. Kivi is a perfect example of their beauty. I haven't met any in person but I'm glad to see someone writing about their own experiences with them. I may keep them in mind down the road a few years when I'm again needing a new companion.


  • We don't get Shilohs over here, but they sure do look like a lovely breed. I would happily talk about Lappies all day. They are such sweeties. Smile