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Does anyone have a good deal of experience with wolf hybrids?

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Does anyone have a good deal of experience with wolf hybrids?
  • I suppoooooossseee. xD

  • Alaskawolf
    But I think I had heard somewhere that hybrids are more likely to have that sort of behavior. Described as "very needy" or "always needing to be with you".

     That describes a lot of herding breeds pretty well :)

      Your boy's color could coem from a malamute, which come in agouti:


    And Siberian Huskies also come in agouti:


  • The descriptions I've heard of wold hybrids is that they are anxious, super aloof, suspicious, needy and attached but more in a high strung sort of way (not so much a lovey dovey cuddly way), and impossible to contain (sailing over 6' fences and such).

  • Alaskawolf
    I'd like to speak to some people who have either owned more than one, or who have worked at a rescue for them. I am not looking to adopt one of these animals, but I have my suspicions that my own dog may have at least a little more wolf in him than the average pup.

      Call George Cockrell in Maryland.  http://www.companionsdogtraining.com/About.html  I'd trust his advice, and he's also a really friendly nice guy with tons of brains and experience - including w/wolves and wolf hybrids.
  •  He could be Utonagan, or part Utonagan.  Google it for images - the "breed" is quite varied in looks, but some of them look a lot like your dog.... and none of these dogs have any wolf in them.  It's not likely.... I think breeders of these dogs are fairly rare and would want to keep close tabs on the pups they breed, so it's not likely that you'd be able to adopt one from a shelter.  But maybe some slip thru the net.... seems about as likely as a wolf hybrid, to me.

  • Thanks, everyone! I'm getting a lot to think about. :3

  • I have a friend that would give you the best guess.  Would you mind if I sent her the pictures?  She has a 3 husky/shepherd mixes, 1 mid-content wolfdog, and an alaskan husky as well has worked a lot in wolfdog rescue. 

     From what I've  attempted to leanr from her, I'd say it's unlikely he's a wolfdog or if he is, then he's low content. 

  • Of course! Please do. :3

  • I am a wolfdog owner.

    I honestly dont see any wolf in him though, if he does it is very little.