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What breed is Zoe? update!!

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What breed is Zoe? update!!
  • Decided to post this up here, I still have no idea what she actually is. my guesses are Aussie/ACD, or ACD/border collie.....any other guesses?

    possibly a aussie/smooth coat BC??? I almost want to think that the blue merle isn't from ACD ( they're usually more 'ticked' blues, not actual merles, I could be wrong though)

    oh ya, she's estimated 12weeks ( as per her vet visit) and 14lbs 8 oz.

    i love how the tips of her ears flop, but I know there is a good chance they'll stand up all the way when she gets older..








     wanted to post some pics of examples..




    Here's a pic of a blue merle BC, i think she looks very similar to Zoe structure wise.






  • She looks a lot like a bc/acd mix. Yesterday I saw a dog that looked A LOT like her and I thought at first it might be here, but then realized she was too big.

  • My neighbors dog looks a lot like Zoe only with tan points. They were told that she was a Aussie/Rottie mix but I'm not real sure on the Rottie part. They got her from a box of free puppies at a flea market and she was the only one in the box that was not black and tan, so she may have had a different father than the other puppies. I always thought she was likely an Aussie/ACD mix, as her temperament is all herding breed and she is ACD sized. You are correct on the merle not being an ACD trait though - they are ticked, which is genetically totally different from merle. I think both Aussies and BCs can have merle without tan points and I know Aussies for sure can also be solid merle without white or tan points.

  •  check this out! looks alot like zoe! LOL

    aussie/lab mix!



    some mixed blue merle collies




    an australian shepard mix that looks alot like zoe also



  • akyramoto82

     check this out! looks alot like zoe! LOL

    aussie/lab mix!



    some mixed blue merle collies




    an australian shepard mix that looks alot like zoe also





    That pup does look a lot like her, but I don't exactly see lab....

  • My guess would be ACD/smooth BC. 

  •  here are some more body shots of Zoey





  • another pic of a Heeler/BC mix



  •  I think she's probably more likely to be an Aussie mixed with something shorthaired than a BC due to the blockier head. Although if mixed with ACD, that could produce a blocky head too. And in a couple of the pictures she sure has an ACD look to her. I believe that only one parent has to be merle to get merle puppies.

  •  OMG they're SO CUTE..  I want one.


     I had to check out this thread cause my dog's name is Zoe too. :)

  •  ACDs are ticked, not merle. I don't necessarily see any ACD other than in the blockiness, and that could just as easily come from any number of heavier boned breeds.

  •  This is ex-BFs, 10 year old Blue Heeler x, Dingo:


  •  we got her a DNA test, still haven't used it yet, cuz ten seconds of swabbing is a long time in puppy world!! LOL

    But I'll def update what it says, I'm interested, I know they don't have heeler in their breed list though.

  •  I got Zoey's DNA results, I dont know how accurate they are, but i think I might wanna do another one in the future.

    we did the bio pet test ( cheek swab)

    it says she's level 1 border collie!! ( level 1 is 75% of the DNA found in the dog, it says ' most mixed breed dogs will not show any breeds under level 1 unless the dog has a purebred parent).


  • I did a DNA blood test on Gizmo and the resutls came back as Chow Chow/ Irish Setter/ Irish Wolfhound...Tongue Tied  So I don't think I trust them 100%

    There are smooth coated BCs.  The ranch were I would take Gizmo to sheep herd raised BC that come directly from Ireland and all have smooth coats.

     Anouther breed to consider, but a bit more rare, would be Catahoula Leopard dog.  They have a similar coat.  I can see that mixed with BC